pátek 12. prosince 2014

Time Machine

Hi, my dear readers ♥
I have so much to post about AND NO TIME to do it uwaah !
So today FINALLY photos of my first coord with the new amazing steampunk jsk I got as a birthday gift from my dear lolita friends ♥

I wore it on one busy day in Munich - we celebrated birthday of Rommily and Stefan in a cute garden restaurant, chat a lot, ate a lot (I had the biggest Kaiserschmarrn ever *__*) and took some pretty photos in the rose garder ♥ In the evening when everyone went home I met with my bf in the restaurant, changed my lolita clothes for heavy boots, black pants, band t-shirt and we went to see Deathstars for the second time *o*

It was a really nice day and I´m happy that everything went fine with the concert, because day before the bus of Deathstars cought on fire on a highway and they had to cancel the show in Italy >_< But luckily they made it alive to Germany and the concert was great ! I´m not listening much to goth music anymore, but Deathstars will be always on my playlist =3

I found out that I don´t have any elegant lolita shoes to match with this jsk, so I wore my usual steampunk ones....the problem is that the faux leather on the dress is dark brown and my lolita shoes are light brown arrggghh I NEED NEW PAIR OF SHOES =D

Anyway I like the coord like this ! I felt like some steampunk comics hero, which is always great ♥

dress - Infanta (Steampunk Time Machine jsk)
googles - DraculaClothing

And some nice photos from outside, taken by Ophi

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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