čtvrtek 4. prosince 2014


Hello, my dear readers ♥

A while ago we decided to try to go for a party in Munich called "Noise Generation". Music genres looked really promising - Noise, Hellectro, Aggrotech ...and because we haven´t been anywhere for quite a long time we were really motivated, got in a car at 22:00 at night and travelled one hour to Munich. I was expecting the club NOX to be in some industrial part of the city, like always and my guess was right but it wasn´t only this one club - it was a whole club area o_o I´ve never seen anything like that, there were like 10 clubs, car park, security guys everywhere, urban gardens and street art *_*

The club itself war really interresting and matched the topic of the party great. It looked like some old vault with the creepiest toilets I ever visited.......I had to took some pictures, because I felt like in Fallout =D

I quickly realized why girls were always going there in pairs.......... the corridor was really long and if someone decides to do something bad to me no one will every hear me scream.... >_< eeek !

OK, stop talking about creepy toilets and back to the party.
... well, it wasn´t that great as we expected -_- As always it was more EBM and industrial party that Noise...and as always everyone was happy about it. Except for us and a few boys who were there to shuffle on hardstyle, but first songs like that DJs started to play around 2:00 in the morning when everyone was too tired for it...
But yeah... it could be worse, like parties in Prague for example =D

For this evening I finally wore my amazing new dress from Plazmalab which I bought in summer. And I found out that it goes pefectly together with the Elastic X Harness which I´m selling in my Etsy shop ...so I decided to keep one for myself <_< e heh

The dress itself it´s sooo pretty ! I found it in a tiny little store with alternative fashion in Munich - it was love at the first sight *_* And when the guy who was selling there told me that it´s a last piece, fair trade and everything I bought it as fast as I could =D It has a very interresting back which looks best without bra, but that´s not exactly the best thing to do for a party...so I covered my bra straps with a black shredded top and I will have to wait until next summer to wear it right ... =/

dress - Plazmalab
shoes - Vagabond

I hope you´re not much in stress from Christmas shopping and instead you are enjoying the atmosphere of Christmas markets with Glühwein and Feuerzangenbowle...like me :3
(I have almost all gifts !)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

4 komentáře:

  1. Ty šaty jsou awesome! *.* Az fotek klubu mě nejvíc creepujou ty sedačky před zrcadly - WTF? K čemu to je, k čemu to slouží, bože to je divný... :D

    1. Děkuju =) !
      Jooo ty sedačky vypadají jak nějaký creepy postapo kadeřnictví ! Vůbec netuším co to původně bylo ...

  2. Wow, to je úžasný klub! Tam bych se taky hnedka ráda podívala! :D zbožňuju postapo! Ještěže letím zas v létě do Indie, tam si ho nejspíš užiju ažaž :))