středa 31. prosince 2014

Moonbeam Duster

Hello, my dear readers ♥

I know we´re in the middle of winter and there is quite a lot of snow at the moment in Germany, but I´m sooo behind with blog posts that I have an autumn-themed photos for you =D ! 

In the middle of November we finaly managed to take photos of my knitting project from a book Woodland Knits - Moonbeam Duster ! It was a beautiful sunny autumn day, we took a walk around the nearby park and sat in the grass on riverbank ♥
I couldn´t help and had to take some photos of the nature, because everything was still fresh from summer but you could already feel the autumn in the air ♪

I made the Moonbeam duster from yarn leftovers to match my long dress from Gudrun Sjõdén. I wanted to make a matching vest to it ever since I bought it a year ago. And yarn leftovers? I have 1000km of them, so it was a really great project to reduce my yarn stash at least a bit =D

I combined it together with two DIY things I made in the morning of the same day - toadstool earrings and random mori infinity scarf I made (surprisingly) from leftover fabric. Together with those crazy shoes and bunny socks in ugly colour I looked and felt a bit like Luna Lovegood which was great =D

And if you are wondering what´s that weird thing on my head - those are my funny "detachable dreadlocks" which I bought at Apple festival at wool stand... they look like bowels and my boyfriend thinks they are disgusting =D I personally think they are great and match with my hair quite good !

... and some random autumn photos ♪

I hope you all had nice Christmas and now I have to wish you all the best to 2015 ♥
Party hard today or read at home, doesn´t matter as long as you are having fun =)
I really want to go to some New Year´s Eve party but there is NOTHING in Ingolstadt so I will probably read a book and then watch fireworks at the midnight =D

Have a nice day, everyone ♥

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