středa 26. listopadu 2014


Hello, my dear readers ♥

I think I don´t have to tell you anymore how much and why I like The Hunger Games books and movies =D So let´s get straight to the point

... normal people are probably looking and Gale, but knitters have their eyes on THAT COWL !

It´s just great...weird, postapocalyptic, probably useless piece of knit, but I fell in love with it right at the cinema (and for the other knits in Catching Fire as well, but there are not patterns for them T_T) ♥

Right after the movie was out last year, patterns started to appear on Etsy like crazy... then Lionsgate found out and banned most of them because of the word "Katniss" or "Hunger Games" ....and sooo the pattern makers changed names and they are all back =D
But I´m really not the "online-patterns-buying person" so I always put it in favourites, but never really bough a one...
...and then...the new movie was getting closer and closer and I still didn´t have anything...and just as I was thinking about finally buying one I went to look at magazines in Kaufland (!) and found one crochet and one knitting magazine WITH THE PATTERN o___o
In the crochet magazine it was shamelessly called "Fashion from Panem" but in the knitting magazine it was just "bolero with turtleneck" and they made it in absolutely ugly green colour =D (they probably knew about the Lionsgate incident on Etsy ...)

And then it was quick...I already knew which yarn I will use, I bought needles and knitted day after day so I could make it for the premiere *__*

I was so fast, that it was finished almost month earlier =D And I´m absolutely satisfied with the result ! Not only it looks really good over a bikers jacket, but it´s also unexpectedly warm and cozy =3 Perfect for dog walks ♥

I used rounded knitting needles 80cm n.7 and 40cm n.6,5 and 4 skeins of Ökowolle from Wolle Roedel

...and these are my favourite pants at the moment - I wear them all the time and feel like Lara Croft =D

Speaking of dog walks ...this was the first time outside for our dear Satan =)

The fierce dog of Panem revolution !

I saw the new movie right on Friday and we were lucky that it was with original sound and not in 3D like everything in our local cinema =D whaaa and it was great ! There were some things I didn´t like...for example that not THAT much actually happened and now everything will be in the second part? It´s going to have 4 hours or what ? =D But still, IT WAS GREAT ! A lot of action, nice costumes, good actors and the song - THE SONG !
(I really wanted to put it at the end of the post, but German GEMA says no...)

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Wear a necklace of hope,
Side by Side with me.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree.

4 komentáře:

  1. Mockingjay is such an awesome film! I am going to see it the second time this weekend :D

    I like your outfit and I love your little Satan *O*
    Soooo cute <3

    1. Thank you !!!
      I can´t wait until all the movies will be on BluRay and I will buy some amazing collectors edition and watch it over and over =D

  2. Everything about this look is perfect! The cowl is AGDGFDHG SO AWESOME! Those skinny pants with side pockets are genius! What I dislike about the typical skinny pants is the lack of proper pockets. About the boots - no need to say they kick ass :)