neděle 26. října 2014

Autumn Strega

Hello, my dear readers ♥

I´m sure you already read about this new term - strega fashion. But in case you didn´t - it´s something like another name for dark mori but with the difference that classical dark mori is inspired by Japanese street fashion and culture, but strega fashion is something like European equivalent. Strega - means witch in Italian and that´s all what is this fashion about. To look like a witch, the European kind of witch with the love for dark forests, magical sigils, northern Gods and of course dark clothing. But strega is not only cute, like the japanese mori style, it can be also a bit more postapocalyptic with oversized sweaters, huge collars, shredded fabric and pants... There are no boudaries with strega fashion ! The main reason to start using this term was that Mai/Shortcut To The Stars was hopeless with tags because she didn´t felt inspired by japanese fashion anymore, but still dressed like dark mori with goth elements and witchcraft symbols  =D

I personaly love this idea, because I was wearing outfits which could be tagged with #stregafashion a looong time ago before I even knew about mori and I always called it "dressed like witch"...and now it has an official name =D whee !

Being inspired by all these people around tumblr who suddenly started strega revolution I decided to wear it for my birthday party in September. It was quite cold on that day in Bavaria so I thought that layers will be good idea since in Prague is always a bit colder than here...
...I was greatly mistaken - in Prague was 25°C and I was dying in this outfit ! At the end of the night all layers were gone and I found myself just in the first one - long black summer dress =D

earrings, brooch - DIY
wolf tooth necklace - Do Nebíčka- Do Peklíčka
black amulet necklace - gift from Ketmara

The birthday party with my best friends was great ! We went to Mexican restaurant, had some delicious meals and Tequila of course =D And they gave me so many amazing gifts ! We see each almost never now that I live in Germany, but they still know me so well ♥

BIG chocolate, book about how to DIY nature cosmetics, Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley, my favourite tea, herbs for the cosmetics making, tote bag with yarn and knitting needles and a beautiful little vial necklace ♥
Thank youuuu again !

I almost forgot to say that it wasn´t just mine birthday - as every year we celebrated our birthdays together with my best friend =)

And my gift for Maxé was the Deer Hat from Tiny Owl Knits
...of course I had to make one for myself as well <_<
(but I´ll talk about it in a separate post - I have much more photos to show you regarding these hats =D)

Have a nice day, everyone ♥

3 komentáře:

  1. Oh my, I haven't heard about Strega before but it looks gorgeous, especially mixed with post-apocalyptic stuff. And those hats *_* Adorbaleeee :3

    1. I´m happy that you like it =) I love the postapocalyptic version and I have to put together some outfits as soon as possible *__*

  2. Jojojooo naprosto souhlasím s nově zavedeným pojmem! :) :) A ten outfit je super a moc se mi líbí to tričkooo T___T