pátek 31. října 2014

Crochet Patchwork Overskirt

Hi, my dear readers ♥

FINALLY I have photos and time to show you one of my latest crochet project - the patchwork overskirt ! I finished it a loooong time ago - maybe in spring ? But then it was too hot to wear it since it has to be layered, so was waiting through the whole summer until September...and then (to make it not that simple) I didn´t want to take photos just on my balcony, but in forest so I was waiting (again) until we went picking mushrooms and then finally wore it and took some photos =D

Not exactly the best outfit for mushroom picking since I was stucked in bramble (what a great word !) all the time, but still comfortable and I felt like the real mori girl there ♪

We didn´t bring tripod with us so lots of photos ended up blurred - it was quite dark in the woods, but still there are some good ones =) We haven´t found much of mushrooms and those we found were already half-eaten by animals ... BUT I saw a big toad and took a lot of forest photos, so it was a successful afternoon !

But back to the skirt ! I made it according to a pattern from crochet magazine scan I got from dear Han ♥ Because she always thinks about me when she sees a crochet skirt somewhere =D I´m looking for them all the time, but most of the patterns are just ugly - this one is probably the prettiest crochet skirt pattern I ever saw !
I used crochet hook n.5 and around 5 skeins of Buggy yarn from Vlnika
(just in case you are interrested the magazine - it´s Sabrina)

The skirt is called "patchwork" because first you have to make 8 squares and 4 triangles and then crochet them all together and attach to the belt - just like patchwork plaids made with fabric =)

It´s quite heavy, because I used much more yarn than I expected but at the same time it sits nicely over a skirt and it will be perfect for chilly autumn days =)

shawl, overskirt - made by me
necklace - gift from Tercenya
cardigan - second-hand
skirt - Gudrun Sjõdén

mori girl ghost !

 Nirnroot !!! =D

...and no toadstools T_T I was so looking forward to find some, but they´re probably not that common here in Bavaria as they are in Czech Republic =(

If you like the overskirt and want to crochet it as well, just let me know and I will send you the pattern - it´s in Czech, but you don´t need anything but the diagram and a few easy instructions ♪ I recommend to use some cheaper yarn, because you will need A LOT of it =D

Now I´m knitting Christmas gift for my boyfriend - the first time working with cable needles and according to pattern completely in German D= it took a lot of thinking, but now I understand it completely *_* yay !
Also I started the Japan Shawl from the same yarn and in the same colours as Han and Rooster Hill because it´s simply amazing ! ...but I don´t have much time to work on it - actually I have just three flowers so far =D 

So much to do, so little time !

Have a nice day, everyone ♥

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  1. Hrozně jsem se těšila na fotky tý sukně, náramně se povedla! A celý outfit je naprosto perfektní, a obdivuju Tě, že sis to vzala do lesa na houby.. :D Mě by to vydrželo čistý tak pět minut.. :D

    1. Děkuju =) !
      No ona ta sukně byla plná těch pidi-bodláčků a listí a taky jsem jí asi stokrát málem rozpárala o ty ostružiny, ale naštěstí jsem se nikde nevyválela v bahně =D

  2. Hallo, ich habe dein blog gestern etdeckt und fand die Weste so schön! Hast du eine Anleitung benutzt? Oder kannst du mir sagen wo ich dieses Muster bekommen kann? Vielen Dank

    1. Hallo =) Die Weste ist von Magazin Kleine Diana Häkel Lust 09/13 - die Anleitung heisst "Flatterhafte Waldelfe" - ich kann dir die Anleitung scannen und schicken wenn du wills =) Einfach schreib mir an rabbit.lungs@gmail.com ♥