úterý 2. září 2014

Birthday meet-up on Chiemsee

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I´m sooo behind with outfit posts because of the summer vacations and everything >_<
And so today we will travell back in time to sunny and warm July ...

To be exact - a day when birthday lolita meet-up of Kathi & Kerstin happened ! Despite the fact that we got stuck on the highway for two hours while travelling there it was a really beautiful day =) We were all invited to Kathi´s homeland - Chiemsee. Which is a huuuuuuuuuge lake right under Alps. I love Alps so I was really looking forward to go there since I´ve never visited this famous vacation resort before.

And I wasn´t dissapointed ! It was so pretty *o* We took ride with a ferry to the Herrenchiemsse (Gentleman´s island) a place where Ludwig II. started building a replica of Versailles palace but he never finished this project. I have to say that he was really paying attention to details because while I was in Versailles a few weeks ago I could recognize the same statues as I saw on Herrenchiemsee =)

On the island we payed for a ride in horse carriage to the palace because it was too far away for our lolita shoes =) It was more like horse bus than a carriage, since there can ride about ten people - we shared it with girls form Australia who were really amazed by the way we look and so we gave them links to Deerstalker Picture as a proof that there are lolitas in Australia as well =D

After we took some photos in front of the palace we travelled back and had a delicious dinner in a vegetarian café ♪

It was terrribly hot the whole day and just as we sat in the café the huge storm started and accompanied us all the way home >_< Fortunatelly there was no traffic jam on the way back phew !

Here are some photos I took on the island and my outfit ♪
The Australian girl named my style as "vintage lolita" and I think it´s a great idea =)

there were frogs, turtles and then one frogMAN >_< creepy !

and here are some photos of my outfit taken by Ophelie and Caro

wig : Lockshop
hairclips, blue top : h&m
key necklace, skirt and acorn bracelet : DIY
vial necklace : gift from dear Han
shoes : Bodyline

I love this top so much and the combitation with the skirt *o*
I somehow see it as something like mori girl and lolita together which is perfect for me, don´t you think? I´ll try to put together more outfits like this !
I already bought material for a mori lolita jsk u fu fu
(actually it´s just a plain non-coloured cotton and I´ll combine it with tea stained lace *__*)
What do you think about this kind combinations ?
mori + lolita
dolly-kei + lolita
cult party kei + lolita
I personally love them because it makes lolita style really creative and I like seeing outfits like this on tumblr - girls with antlers and leaf crowns, tassels over skirts made of thick floral fabric or peignoir over a white dress *o*

Tell me what you think ♪
(oh and I´m now moderatig comments so please be patient - it might take a while until I approve them...unless they are weird, offensive and sexual - in that case they won´t be approved =D)

Have a nice day, everyone ♥

6 komentářů:

  1. Tvoje kombinování oblečení je jako vždy úchvatné *w* Podle mě vintage lolita je perfektní název. A fotky jsou velmi povedené, určitě to tam bylo moc krásné :) Zajímaloby mě jak nakonec dopadne mori-lolita jsk, protože zrovna tohle je kombinace mých dvou nejoblíbenějších stylů :3 Ale když občas narazím na kteroukoliv z kombinací, tak bývají také moc pěkné...

    1. Moc děkuju ♥
      Já jsem taky zvědavá jak to dopadne =D Nicméně už mám mraky nápadů jak to kombinovat a co si k tomu vyrobit za doplňky tak snad to bude v pohodě...a doufám, že si brzo najdu čas to vůbec uskutečnit >_<

  2. Mě by se líbilo, kdyby pod tou sukní ještě čouhal takový ten šifonový volán/kus pořádné krajky aby to nebylo takový jakože "zaříznutý" (nevim, jak to pořádně popsat ale ty určitě víš, co myslim :D))
    Jinak tenhle odstín modré mám hrozně ráda :)

    1. Joo to by bylo perfektní ! No nějaká spodní off-white sukně by se hodila *o*

  3. Fantastic blog ! ♥ ♥ ♥ nice photos !!