pondělí 11. srpna 2014

Herzogsfest in Ingolstadt

Hello, my dear readers ♥

A week ago we had quite a big visit (..3 people =D) - my boyfriend´s parents and sister came to do some sightseeing, but most importantly to visit a historical festival which was finally in our town *o*

The festival was so much bigger that I expected o__o so many shops, food, music and performances ! We were there all three days. I only skipped Saturday, because I went to lolita birthday party on Chiemsee =)

There wasn´t much time for making outfits or gluing ears, since our flat was full of people and everything was quite hectic >_< but still I tried my best and finally took photos of the new skirt I bought in Leipzig !

I´m really happy that everyone enojoyed the festival as much as we usually do - especially Eva (my bf´s sister) - she bought so many things that in the end she looked like a different person ! Suddenly she had a braided hair, floral crown, ringing bells on ankle and a lot of celtic accessories =D one last thing she needs now is a medieval dress =) ...maybe we can solve it somehow until the next summer he he

What´s more to say? Let´s take a look at photos ! I have quite a lot of them since I was taking some with my bf and his dad had a camera, too ♪

"nice ride for big and small" =)
medieval ferris wheel

salt baths =)


tent of the witch *_*

blue&white and a dragon are symbols of Ingolstadt

they were great - especially the girl with pipes =D
this is how I imagine a dwarf band !

together with Eva =)

I took photo of my outfit later on our balcony, because on the day I wore it we got all cought up in a HUGE rainstorm and ended up totally drenched and standing in a pool of mud under the castle together with tens of others and three ponies =D

earrings - WolfTea
waistcoat - second-hand store
skirt - Miparti
everything else - collected through time

And now I must get back to packing my suitcase for another adventure which beginns tomorrow - a road trip to France *_*
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Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Tu sukni opravdu nikdy nepřestanu obdivovat, je prostě úchvatná! :))

    1. Taky jsem dost ráda, že jsem se nakonec rozhoupala a koupila jí =D

  2. Úžasné fotky! Úplne to dýcha stredovekou atmosférou. A tvoj outfit sa k tomu perfektne hodil :)