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Summer Roadtrip 2014 - PART 1 - Luxemburg, Versailles

Hello, my dear readers ♥

I´m back from an adventure !
It was great and I took so many photos that I´ll have to split them in three posts =D I hope you don´t mind ♪

The idea of going on a roadtrip instead of a traditional vacation at one place was born exactly a year ago when we booked our hotel at Le Mont Saint Michel. This "island" is so small that there are just five or seven tiny hotels so you have to book your room a year before to get there =D I didn´t know much about this place, but my boyfriend was really excited about the idea to not only visit it, but spent there a three nights as well. Why not? It looks amazing *o*
But it´s pretty far away from Ingolstadt and it would be too complicated to get there by a train or plane, so we decided to travel with car and take a few stops on our way to see even more places !
We chose for our first stop Luxemburg, then Versailles (because we didn´t have time to see it last year when we were in Paris), then Le Mont Saint Michel for three nights and on our way back - my dream - gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny and the last stop Frankfurt am Main, because there are skyscrapers =D

As usual I wrote my travel diary every evening so I don´t have to remember everything until now and write this post for long hours =D So here it is !

TUESDAY 12.08.
- after almost five hours long ride on a highway we´re finally at Luxemburg !
- quick check-in and a bit of rest and we´re on our way to city center
- I was looking forward to see the Adolphe Bridge but it´s currently under construction -_-
- we took a really nice walk trough the valley under the bridge - what a beautiful park !
- city center is really nice, too - but maybe too much people and shops for our taste after the calm atmosphere in the Pétrusse Valley
- but the old town is absolutely amazing *o* Luxemburg instantly goes in the top 3 most beautiful towns we ever saw so far <3
- only one bad thing - we were too late for the cute vegetarian restaurant with a view over the old part of city T_T
- after a loooong walk throught the beautiful "Grund" we sat in a Scotch (or Irish?) restaurant with pretty view on the river and had something small to eat and a Luxembourg wine which was really tasty !
- in Luxembourg you have an elevator from the lower part of the town to the upper parts =D it spares you about 30minutes of walk upwards ! What a great idea - of course we used it on our way back
- I´m starting to be really tired so we decided to just take a walk trough the center and slowly go back to our hotel
- "slowly" is a good word - we spent another hour in a bar drinking Aperol Spritz =D
- back to our tiny little hotel room, totally dead, looking forward for the next day -> Paris is waiting !

sightseeing is serious business

beautiful ♥

our view from the pub =)

- the advertisement in our Ibis hotel in Luxembourg says that they have "extraordinary and totally amazing" duvets =D ...I have to admit that´s true, we slept really good
- so after a bit funny breakfast at hotel, we´re on the highway again this time just for 3 hours but in heavy rain most of the time
- when we get to Paris the weather is nice again =) but still much more cold than in the previous days >_<
- we have the cutest hotel just a few streets from the Versailles palace *o* tiny little house with spiral-staircase and steampunk carpet =D (with pocket-watch print! )
- walking around in Versailles gardens - I don´t want to go inside the palace, it´s expensive and I´m not really interested <_<
- gardens are partly under construction, windy and crowded with tourists...I´m a bit dissapointed and hungry
- ordering a meal in garden restaurant wasn´t a good idea - the salad I had was probably the worst one I ever tasted -_- it was pre-made and with horseradish souce which made it incredibly spicy...eew...bye bye 10euro and I´m still hungry
- we didn´t make it on time for Marie-Antoinette Gardens, but at least we bought some pretty gifts in souvenir shop ... (I´m still mad at the closing time - 18:00 in summer?!! why?)
- on our way back we´re discovering a beautiful Orangerie <3 I´m taking back my dissapointment - this is totally beautiful !
- we´re taking lot of photos
- finally a FOOD - we´re having a dinner at Buffalo Grill =D
- Versailles is such a cute part of Paris and at night even more because all tourists are finally gone and you can see and hear only French people in tiny little bars (...this is how I imagined Paris to be ?)
- Good night ! Tomorrow - our final destination for next few days - Le Mont Saint Michel !

it was a bit windy =D

We went inside the fence *_* !

...and this is how it looks =D

The famous fountain is under construction and this is the water pipe system from the old one o_o
it´s fascinating and creepy at the same time

Orangerie spam in 3...2...1...

I tried so hard to focus on that damn orange and it was impossible !!!
(but I like the photo anyway)

... jumping photo ...


Sooo that´s it for the first part !
Next post will be all about Le Mont Saint Michel + great and unexpected surprise

Have a nice day, everyone ♥

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  1. Aww, you two look so cute together :)) and this trip looks great, i hope you enjoyed it! :) i was in Luxemburg two years ago and yeah, it's one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen :)

    1. Thank youuu <3
      I have no idea why I haven´t heard about it before... it´s soo pretty *o*

  2. Great blog ! Nice photos ! stunning looks , all is perfect ! ♥