pátek 11. dubna 2014


Hello, my dear readers ♥

A few weeks ago we went to see one of our favourite bands in Nürnberg - Nachtmahr *o* We already saw them once on WGT in Leipzig and it was absolutely amazing ! So I was super-happy when I found out they will do a special act on a goth party in club Rock Fabric (which is quite a huuge party place) not so far from our town. It was really nice idea to have a concert and a party at once - you don´t have to wait long hours to get in the first row - we were just dancing and suddenly they were on the stage ! The concert itself was great and really long - they played for one and half hour and in the end everyone was quite dead =D 
The show was even better that the first time I saw it - Nachtmahr girls had new outfits and later they even changed into latex uniforms *o* What they didn´t change is the "joke" in a song "Feuer Frei" when both girls have guns and everyone is expecting that there will be some fire shooting, but no...they have water-guns and they´re shooting into audience >_< And guess what - I got a shot in face this time -_- but it wasn´t as bad as this guy ha ha =D

Normally I would wear my Mädchen in Uniform outfit for this occasion, but I really wanted to take advantage of being in Nürnberg and take a look in Gudrun Sjõdén´s shop and do some other shopping in the town...and for that is a bit inappropriate to wear sexy military goth outfit =D 
So I decided to give another try to dark mori !

floral hairpin, skirt - DIY
cardigan - New Yorker
belt - Terranova
shoes - Vagabond

Here is what I bought in Gudrun Sjõdén ♪
Super-pretty blue dress with embroidered birds ♥ I also decided to join the "club" and together with the customer´s card I got so many gifts o_o a scarf, four tote bags, catalogue and a 10euro sale for the next purchase ! 

...and I just can´t leave this post without a song from Nachtmahr, even though it doesn´t match my dark mori outfit at all =D

Have a nice weekend, everyone ♥

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  1. Nádhera! Hrozně moc ti to sluší, tyhle černo-vrstvený věci jsou mému srdci hrozně moc blízké a ty se s nima dovedeš perfektně vypořádat! :)

    1. Moc děkuju =) Jsem ráda, že se ti moje černé hadrnictví líbí =D ♥