úterý 8. dubna 2014

Lolita meet-up in München

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I almost forgot to tell you about the latest lolita meet-up I attended in March ! ups >_<
This time it was a bit special one, because girls from Nürnberg decided to visit lolitas in München so we made a little trip to a big town =D
Since we were two groups from two towns together, the number of lolitas on this meet was unusually hight =D I haven´t seen so many beautiful beings at one place in a while ! So many amazing outfits and inspiration ♥

After we met up in front of the Münchner Residenz, we bought tickets and went for a loooong visit of this huge palace. It was a bit exhausting (especially for those with high heels) but I really liked it, since I´ve never been there. The residence is full of beautiful paintings, historical furniture and a lot of other things like the collection of historical table-ware or a really creepy tiny little room with an armoured door full of human remains in golden frames >_< (actually they were Christian relics)

When we finally all reunite in from of the main part of the residence we continued to a Cuvilliés-Theater. It´s a really tiny one but so nicely decorated *o* 

Then it started to be a bit late and the planned restaurant was too far away from the train station, so we part our ways with München lolitas, hunted down something to eat and travelled back =)

What a nice day ! ♥

Here is a few photos I took in the residence and my outfit of the day ♪

Ingolstadt ! =D

mirror shot lvl. rococo

ugh...how pretty !

it´s a hand >_< !!!

my favourite =D

...and some not-so-good photos of my not-so-great outfit <_<
In reality these blue/black striped tights has the same colour as the skirt...

wig - Lockshop
necklace - Fler.cz
earrings - handmade by Ketmara
jacket - RTBU
skirt - handmade by me

Oh, and a group photo !

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