úterý 11. února 2014

Imbolc 2014

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you a few photos from Imbolc which we celebrated at the beginning of February.

I started the day with baking - same as the last year - I made this delicious sweet bread full of raisins, which is so huge that it was in the oven for more than hour D=
While baking I made a Brighid´s cross, this time from two different kinds of  "straws" which turned up to be more difficult than I expected, BUT I made it !
This year I already had a doll of Brighid and I had a big plans to sew her a dress - well, I didn´t had enough time for it (I was lazy) and so I decorated her at least a little with a snowflake and some dried berries...
Then I put her on my Imbolc altar together with a lot of candles and the most important orange candle - which I bought in a store with fairtrade goods from Africa =)

In the evening I lit all candles on altar and we switched on all the lights in the flat (for a good luck!), then celebrated the feast with a yummy mead and a big portion of the sweet bread ♥ nom nom

Since it was at the weekend I didn´t wear anything special for that day - just lazy home clothes =D So I don´t have any outfit photos this time - just decorations ♪

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