pátek 14. února 2014

Ganesh is Fresh

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you my outfit from the beginning of January when we made a little visit of Nürnberg, because I was in a dire need of new winter coat and at the same time it was my very first day with dreadlocks ! =D

Before Christmas I decided that the right time for the final destruction of my hair has come and ordered this Supa Dupa Dread Kit. And on the 1st January we spent the whole afternoon and a half of night locking my hair. At first it was fun, than it was a bit boring and in the end it was torture ! >_< I never thought that making dreads can be so painful ha ha =D but I survived and on the second day woke up with and amazing chaos on my head.

(by iraville.tumblr.com)

To our trip to Nürnberg I decided to wear something a bit mori, because with this style is bird´s nest on head quite normal...problem was that I didn´t have any of these fabric hairbands which are just perfect for this "hairstyle". So I made one from a fabric leftover and hoped it won´t fell off during the day and release the Kraken on my head =D It didn´t and I even bought a super-pretty coat, dress and a pair of tights in Gudrun Sjõden which is now my favourite shop ♥

I also wore my new Ganesha pendant made of Lapis Lazuli and that´s why I decided to name this post by this AMAZING song from MC Yogi *o* I´m listening to it (and the whole album) over and over and can´t help myself to dance a bit everytime I hear it - it´s just perfect !

Lately I´ve been collecting more and more things with Ganesha, because he´s such nice god ! A remover of obstacles, patron of arts and the best thing - he has an elephant head....I love elephants ♥

Now for some photos ♪

cardigan, shirt, tights - C&A
skirt - Jennyfer
shoes - Mustang 

Have a nice week, everyone ♥

I´m going to be in Prague for a week now, which means no new posts until 23rd February =( I also have to mentally prepare myself for this dirty town full of grumpy people -_- fuu
At least I´ll see my friends AND MY BUNNY again - yay *o*

8 komentářů:

  1. Strašně ti to sluší! =) A osobně mi přijdeš s dredy roztomilá :3 =D
    Praha sice není nejkrásnější město, přesto ale doufám, že si to užiješ =) Já mám Prahu ráda, přestože je plná nepříjemných, děsivých či podivných lidí, je to jediné místo, kde se cítím tak něják svobodně ^^" Možná to bude ale jen tím, že napůl žiji někde jinde, kde je to ve většině věcech horší =D

    1. Moc děkuju =)
      Praha je na chvilku super, ale mě už po 24 letech leze na nervy skoro ve všem =D

  2. Your hair look so stunning here and your necklace is very cool. The top is so pretty but my favorite part is those tights. I am a big fan of tights and you have such perfect legs for them. Even though I could not see them too much what I could see was SO exciting and wonderful for me. You are such a beauty!

  3. Jé to je super :) Dredy jsou taková moje slabost ^^ Ganesha je super, mám z Batavie takový obří tmavě zelený tričko s Ganeshou, doma ho nosím skoro furt :D A outfit je skvělýýýýý T_T

    1. Moc děkuju ♥ žjuu to musí být perfektní to tričko, kdybych ho někde viděla asi hned kupuju =D

  4. Aaaw, to je úžasné! Už jsem si říkala, kdy u tebe dojde na dredy :D Moc ti to sluší ;)

    1. Děkuju =) Chystala jsem se na ně už sto let - jsem ráda, že jsem se konečně nějak rozhoupala =D