středa 5. února 2014

Knitting lvl. beginner

Hello, my dear readers ♥

So I finally took photos of both of my very first knitting projects ! whee =D

I tried to learn how to knit so many times in my life, but without any success...knitting needles were always falling from my hands, my fingers started to hurt after a while because I hold it all too hard and after a few centimeters I found out that it was full of holes and I lost like 50 stitches on my way =D

This time it wasn´t different, needles clattering on the ground, me being in a spasm after three stitches, anger, hate, despair, tears....BUT I didn´t give up this time ! Because WOODLAND KNITS !
I wished for this book for Christmas from my bf and when I was about to give up with knitting he told me "ok, so I don´t think you need this book anymore...good thing, I haven´t ordered it yet" And that scared me so much that I took the beanie, unraveled all I did wrong and made it all nicely and without holes, finished it and in the end found the book under our Christmas tree *o*
(then my bf told me that he already had that book since autumn and wanted to just scare me =D)

So this is how and why I decided to learn this technique ♪
And now for my first two finished pieces !

The first one is really funny.
It was supposed to be a wide winter scarf.................
...instead it all rolled up and I have a long striped thing which reminds me of sandworms from Beetlejuice

Even though it looks really useless I found out it´s just perfect for this winterspring and I wear it quite lot. And because it has these weird colours it matches with almost everything =)

The second thing was a bit more complicated - a beanie !
I had an idea for an oversized mori beanie with some cute decoration for some time on my mind and I decided to knit it instead of crochet (which would be much more faster and easier) to practice.
And it was a really good idea - I learned a lot of things !
For example that circular needles have not only variety of needle sizes, but also the lenght plays a very important role >_< Yeah, I bought 80cm long needles and was surprised that the circle doesn´t work for a beanie...
Then there was another obstacle - after a while of decreasing even the right lenght of needles was too long D=
Thank Gods for THIS amazing tutorial which saved me from giving up! The original pattern I started is Rikke Hat from Happy Knits, it´s really nice and easy but it was still too complicated for a noob like me who didn´t even know that there are two kinds of needles necessary for making a hat =D

Anyway I finished it, it´s not perfect - there are some holes and lost stitches, but I really like it !
I wear it quite a lot these days ♥

And because I really liked the whole outfit I decided to post it, too ♪
This amazing cardigan-thing is so pefect ! I can´t believe I found it in second-hand store for just 2euros *o*

beanie, tank top - DIY
cardigan - from second-hand store
leggins - C&A

Now I´m working on two knitting projects at once !
The first is this tube sweater which has a super-easy pattern, looks really nice, but it takes a while to do it. One piece is 45cm wide and 107cm long >_<
So far I have the first one finished and 3cm from the second part =)

The other thing I started because my boyfriend suddenly realized that he hate his old winter hat and don´t want to wear it anymore. But his head is freezing =D So since he really likes my beanie I´m working on the dark-grey version for him. I hope I´ll finish it until February 14th and give it to him as a Valentine´s gift ♥

The last thing I want to show you today is my new bamboo needles collection !

(I bought them for a really good price here)

And that´s all for today - I wish you all a nice week ♥

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  1. wooow *__* You're so much pretty in this outfit :3

  2. Jéééžiš to je úúúplně famózní (nevím jak se na tom novym pc dělá takový to srdíčko, tak dělej jako že je tu v mym komentáři tak milion srdíček a prdlátek :D:D) :D ta fotka s šálou kde ukazuješ jak je široká je super :D:D ale ten celý outfit s tím cardiganem je boží, myslím že se brzo taky do beanie pustím, ty dekorace na ní vypadají úžasně :) Ach jéje to jsem zase namotivovaná.......................... :)

    1. ha ha =D Děkuju ! Jsem ráda, že se líbí moje demonstrace plánované šířky...bohužel ten trik na placatou šálu jsem neznala...a teď už si ho zase nepamatuju =D
      Ta beanie je fakt v pohodě, akorát jsem nepoužívala ty dvě tloušťky jehlic jako oni, protože se mi to nechtělo kupovat <_<

  3. You did a fantastic job on both and I know it is not an easy thing to do. Lovely outfits too, dear. My favorite were the leggings as your legs look so stunning and exciting in them. Such a lovely, crafty lady you are :)

  4. Jéé, to je parádní! Ta šála je úplně nebelvírská :)) Jsi vážně šikovná, moc se ti to povedlo :))

    A jak tak čtu tvoje články...tvůj přítel musí být fakt dobrý týpek :D

    1. Děkuju ♥

      Jo no, občas má takový veselý úlety - tu starou čepici nechce hlavně proto, že v ní vypadá prej moc jako Ville Valo =D