úterý 25. února 2014


Hi, my dear readers ♥

I´m back from Prague !
I was lucky - the weather was really good the whole week so people there weren´t as grumpy as I expected. I did a lot of shopping - fabrics, materials, gifts and of course some clothes for me ♪ I also managed to do three photoshoots ! I almost started to feel like a model at the end of the week ha ha =D I´ll show you all photos as soon as possible *_* First we were shooting with Murhaaya in a forest and I looked like some kind of dark (fetish) princess, then I unexpectedly stopped by at DraculaClothing and become a part of steampunk photoshoot in an amazing Cross Club and on Saturday we took some Alice in Wonderland-themed photos with dear Ketmara. phew ! =)

After this busy week I´m really happy to have some time for blogging again ♪
Today I want to show you an outfit with my favourite dress.
It´s so beautiful ! I just can´t wait to summer, when I can wear it without any jacket and tights, just with sandals and a huge black straw hat or something like that =D 
I also plan to crochet a vest in some matching colour, because I saw this combination in the shop and it looked just perfect *o*

feather hairpin, necklace, earrings - DIY
dress, tights - Gudrun Sjõdén
shoes - Vagabond

And again I have song for you !
I hope you find my music at least a bit interresting =D ha ha
This time I named the post after this amazing witchy song from Morcheeba ♥

I highly recommend this album ! I bought it for my bf as a Christmas gift without knowing more than one song and he wasn´t dissapointed...to tell the truth we´re listening to it almost everyday =D

I hope you´re all enjoying this early spring as much as I do ♥
Have a nice day, everyone !

8 komentářů:

  1. I want to see theese photos!! I love interiers in Cross Club, the atmosphere around the club is sometimes whorse.
    And you look like someone from Lovegood family :) (that means big compliment!)

    1. yaay thank you so much =D Luna is one of my favourite characters !

  2. Na nový fotky se fakt těším, hlavně ty s Murhaayou :) Už ty předchozí dopadly skvěle a latex je prostě super. Šaty jinak parádní, i když tentokrát se mi nejvíc líbí čelenka s peříčky. A samozřejmě tvý vlasy, ty jsou dokonalý ;)

  3. That dress is so amazing and your jewelry is fantastic. I am a big fan of tights, especially colorful ones like that, so thank you SO much for giving me a better look at them in the one picture. They look so incredible, especially on your amazing legs :) Very exciting for me and made my night so wonderful. You are such a stunning beauty! Cannot wait for the results from your photo shoots :) Glad you have a great trip!

  4. Já nevím, že tobě sedí snad jakýkoli styl :D

  5. Ty jsi čím dál tím hezčí :D