pátek 28. února 2014

3 drawings from January

Hello, my dear readers ♥

I almost forgot to show you what pictures I made  in January !
Mostly I wanted to practise figure drawing and try out my new Polychromos colour pencils from FaberCastell which I got as Christmas gift from my mum. 
(They are amazing *o* I want mooore colours ! Only if they weren´t so expensive -_-)

I didn´t have any exact idea on my mind with the first two - I just chose the pose I like the most and then added some random hair, clothes, books, chairs, cats ...ok I got carried away a little =D

Lazy Sunday

I used this photo from SenshiStock as a reference

Lunch Break

reference again from SenshiStock ♥

The last one is a Faun Guardian. I just had this idea on my mind =D
Maybe I´ll draw this girl again in the future - drawing these goat legs was fun + I really like fauns, they´re so cute !
I coloured it only with pencil, black marker and a gold gel pen.

Those of you who are following me on tumblr, twitter or instagram already know that in the past weeks I´m working hard on a secret project *__* u fu fu I´m so mysterious !
It´s a lot of work and I have to draw almost everyday which makes me extremely busy together with sewing skirts for my shop D=
But apparently it´s still not enough because I decided to do 30 days drawing challenge in the middle of it all as well =D whee !
Right now I´m working on the first day -draw yourself-
Let´s make some bets on how far will I get with this challenge - or if I finish it - how many years it is going to take =D

Have a nice weekend, everyone ♥

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