sobota 2. listopadu 2013


Oh no, cats again !
Don´t worry, the only cat in this post is in the title and the one on my shirt =D
I want to write about three different things than cats in this post.

1. I have a new pair of amazing high-waisted shorts ♥ I bought them from Haru and I was ultra-happy when I found out that they fit me perfectly ! It was a "blind-shopping", because I haven´t seen Haru for years and I had no idea if her size will fit me...but I wanted shorts like this so badly, that I just bought it and hoped <_< (that´s how I shop most of the time ha ha)

2. I found a new place for photos in case of bad light outside - yay ! Now my dear Winter, I´m not afraid of your dark days anymore ! mu ha ha

3. I have a new tattoo ♪ And these are the first photos with it ! I love it, just love it ...
I asked an amazing Czech artist Striga to draw something with plague doctors, cat and raven for me and she created this beautiful piece of art made of dots ! Then my favourite tattoo artist Antef from Hex Tattoo did his part of very good job, which took about 4 hours and in the end he told me that he felt more like a sewing machine than tattoo artist =D ha ha ...I think he doesn´t want to see dots for quite a while now
And why plague doctors ? I´m fascinated by their creepy appearance, work,´s the same weird kind of obsession like I have with, but I won´t get a Chernobyl-themed tattoo =D (well...never say never, who knows)
Black cat and a raven are just my favourite animals.

Now when I look at these photos...I was really creative with posing this time...
I even took some photos with my DIY hula hoop, because on that day I decided that I´m going to work hard and do a hoop practice everyday, or at least a few times in a week.
And I do ! ...not everyday, because there is not enought time sometimes, BUT I can feel the progress and I´m starting to really love this dance/sport/whatever I don´t know how to call it >_<
Great help for me were videos from Deanne Love - she´s just great ♪ Take a look at her videos if you want to start with hooping as well ... =)

shirt - H&M
high-waisted shorts - Primark
over-knee socks - C&A
shoes - Vagabond

Striga <

I put the original artwork in a frame and we´re going to have it in our living room so I can look at it even if I wear pants =D ha ha

What are your tattoo plans ? Do you have any ? Tell me, tell me, I´m always curious when it comes to tattoos *__*

I´m not sure about the next one myself, but I´m sure there WILL BE next yeah...more that just a one ♥

(and now some dance ♪ ♫ ♪)

4 komentáře:

  1. Striga je úžasná a stejné je tvoje tetování! Velká paráda. *.*

    1. Děkuju =)
      jo jo hrozně bych si přála dostat se na její výstavu, ale bohužel vždycky zrovna nejsem v Praze T_T

  2. To tetování je úžasné !! :3 Taky mám od Strigy návrh, kočičku a příští pátek už bude i na kůži.. nemůžu se dočkat. :D

  3. Ahoj, chtěla jsem se zeptat co za materiál jsi použila na výrobu obruče i jakou pásku na oblepení, ráda bych si ho také vyrobila :)