středa 30. října 2013


Hi, my dear readers =)
I hope you´re all doing fine ! I´m in better mood, now ♪ 
After a week of just drawing and knitting I´m finally back in the sewing mood and I finished the skirt for Rabbit Heart (which I thought will stay unfinished forever) and what´s even better - I got ideas for some new skirts !

Now for the main topic of this post - I got my 4th film developed and so I will show you my lomography "art" today ! It took me quite a long time to finish this film, then I got it developed, BUT it was in Prague and we went there a month after. And so it starts with photos from Dresden where I was in May and ends with Paris from August =D I´m really looking forward to the next film, because there is going to be a lot more Pariiiis *o*

Let´s start with a "test shot" =)

and then some Dresden architecture

something romantic

beautiful Alice Hearts in botanical garden

...and now something scary - spring floods in Ingolstadt 

photos from the beautiful Faber-Castell castle in Nürnberg

there was even some lovely nature from our visit of Neuschwanstein castle in Alps ♥

...and a bit of Paris at the end ♪

Now I just have to ask you my traditional question - Which one do you like the most ?! this time I like so many of them...I really like the photo of creepy kid statue, the golden statue one, roses and all three from almost looks like this one is my favourite film so far =)

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  1. Oh my God you were in Dresden??? Did you like it here? It's my home town and I'm living here again for two years! I love this city so much and instantly realised it on your photos which are all really beautiful by the way. I cannot decide for one as my favourite.

    Greetings from Dresden! :)

    1. I was there in spring on my way back home from Leipzig =) I really like Zwinger, it´s such a beautiful place ! So bad we didn´t have enought time to visit the gallery inside T_T I wish to come back someday, dressed up in lolita and spend the whole day looking at art *o*

  2. Ó, to je nádhera! (*_*)
    Fotky z Drážďan mne uchvátily, musím si tam někdy zajet podívat, abych tu krásu viděla i na vlastní oči! (*_*)

    1. Děkuju ♪
      Určitě doporučuju - hlavně architektura ve Zwingeru je úžasná, doufám že se tam taky ještě někdy dostanu a podívám se i dovnitř na nějaké to umění =)

  3. Nikdy jsem v Drážďanech nebyla a to bydlím kousek >__< (Děčín) Jsou tam překrásné stavby *__* snad se tam někdy zajedu také podívat... Opravdu nádhera ^__^

    1. jo jo jo určitě zajeď ! Je to perfektní místo na výlet pro všechny rokoko-milující lolitky =)

  4. týjo, opravdu pohádkové místo!