pondělí 28. října 2013

The First Mori-girl Outfit

I was collecting things for the whole year - shoes, skirts, dresses ,blouses, ...and it still wasn´t enough to put together a decent mori outfit...until now *_*
Finally I had enough inspiration, self-confidence and a the perfect sweater ! =)
And so I wore my very first mori outfit to buy some groceries, got little carried away and had to buy a few things for crafting more mori things like flowers for headband, buttons and off-white lace...
I have so many ideas on my mind !
To tell the truth I´m little obsessed with everything mori these days (my tumblr followers know). It´s such a cute style, but what I like the most on it is that there is no need for brand or clothes from taobao/ebay or Japan - more DIY the better, second-hand shirts and sweaters are perfect for it and one or two pairs of brown shoes are enough, I think. Also I like the simple make-up and absence of wigs, fake eye-lashes and other things like that - it´s just natural !
So much easier and ...how to say it - kinder to environment and wallet =)

I still need some more accessories and learn new hairstyles (AND grow a long hair), but that will come with time - I already made a floral headband, a bracelet from true acorns and I have a huuuge pile of fabrics for skirts, pants which I want to re-make, and A LOT of yarns for mori projects like crochet poncho or a long cardigan *___*

oh, and for those who don´t know what I´m talking about (which is quite possible - not everyone is an expert in japanese street styles) - take a look here and here or here to see/feel this style´s "atmosphere"
And one more mori-themed thing I want to share with you - my biggest inspiration
This girl´s outfits and style convinced me that not only asian girls can look good in mori ♥

And before photos, let´s talk about the dress for a while =3
It´s my very first purchase from ModCloth which is something like a Wonderland in my eyes *o* they have so many pretty things !!! But most of them are beyond my bank account ha ha and so I was really happy about a huge sale they had in summer. I picked up like 10 dresses and in the end this one was a winner. It´s really good quality (well, one button fell off and I´m lazy to repair it, but that´s ok), the colour is a little darker than on the photo used in the shop, but I like it like that, too. What is super cute is a second "under-dress" which is  a part of it but it can be worn separately - so it´s absolutely not transparent ! yay =)

no more talk, photos now !

dress - ModCloth
sweater, leg-warmers - C&A
scarf, necklace - DIY

my mori-crafting loot *o*

And the last thing I want to write about today is a BIG THANK YOU for everyone who commented on the last post - all your comments were a big help to me ! 
Thank you so much for your time, my dear readers ♥

7 komentářů:

  1. To je tak roztomilé :33 Mori mám moc ráda, ale nedokážu to nosit, je to na mě prostě moc.světlé :D Třeba k tomu taky časem dojdu, tobě to moc sluší :)

    1. Moc děkuju =)
      jooo, nikdy neříkej nikdy - já byla ještě před rokem jak kdybych vylezla z rakve a teď samý světlý barvičky =D

  2. The style suits you really well :) Even with shorter hair it looks great ^o^

  3. boží ♥ všechno to k sobě krásně ladí......zase jsi mě namotivovala! :D

    1. Děkuju =)
      mu ha ha ! Ty máš k mori ohromnou výhodu a to jsou tvoje obrovský vlasy ! Stačí něco jednoduchýho a ty vlasy to udělají zajímavý - já se musim snažit to co nejvíc naplácat, aby si nikdo nevšiml toho nesourodýho bordelu co mám na hlavě =D

  4. I can totally understand your obsession I fell in love with Mori style so much lately too<3 Love the dress.