neděle 13. října 2013

... and suddenly I fell in love with autumn

At the end of summer I´m always sad that these beautiful sunny days are gone and they will be replaced by cold, rainy and dark autumn.
But then, there is this one day which change my opinion on autumn and suddenly I start to enjoy it and love it´s beautiful colours and smell of fallen leaves.

And this is exactly what happened today !

After a long gloomy cold week the sky became perfectly clear and all these colours became so vibrant that I just had to pack my cameras and go for a small bike ride before lunch.
Unfortunatelly I went alone, because my bf has a cold (my cold, which I had the past two weeks <_< sorry!).
I went to Baggersee, which is a beautiful lake just a ten minutes ride from our home. It took me much longer than I usual, because I had to stop and take photos of so many things =D

And that´s what is this post about - my autumn photos from today !
I hope you´ll like them as much as I do ♪

Isn´t it beautiful?
I´m so happy to I live in such beautiful place, now - so so so so so much better than Prague ♥
I hope I won´t have to live in that horrible, chaotic and dirty place tell the truth it´s one of my worst nightmares to go back to Czech republic and live in Prague again =D

How about you and autumn?
Do you enjoy it´s colours and smell or you just don´t care about it ?
I used to be like that and now I feel really ashamed about it and I´m trying to enjoy everything about nature, changing of the seasons and other little things in life ...

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  1. Same here! Vlastne si myslím, že moje obľúbené ročné obdobie je to, v ktorom sa ma na moje obľúbené ročné obdobie budeš pýtať! :D Leto bolo úžasné, no ľúbim i jeseň - a to vrátane tej je "smutnej" stránky! :D Aj hmlisté rána a dážď majú svoje čaro, je to počasie vhodné akurát tak na spanie (a ja spím rada XD) alebo čítanie dobrých kníh! A tiež rada okukujem cudzie dáždniky, hoci je pravda, že dáky veselý a zaujímavý sa nájde len občas (tmavé farby bez vzorov prosto vedú) - ale o to je to čarovnejšie. :D

    1. To se mi hrozně líbí ten nápad okukovat cizí deštníky =D ! Budu na to myslet, až bude zima, pršet a já z toho budu mrzutá =) mám na to vlastně i speciální deštník - takovou tu průhlednou "houbu" !

  2. Autumn is my favourite season! Unfortunately where I live it's so short, right now it's actually almost over. We're expecting snow any day now. I don't mind winter, I just wish autumn was a bit longer. Also maple trees don't grow up here (northern Finland), and I'd love to roll around in orange maple leaves!

    1. Orange and yellow autumn leaves are my favourite - I´m sorry to hear they´re not in Finland T_T they´re so pretty! Actually there were some news that in some parts of Germany will be snow soon as well...I don´t want to D= ! autumn, please stay longer with us !

    2. So it snowed today, just when I was talking about it! Actually only 300km south from where I live there are maple trees, I'm just a teeny tiny bit too north, that's so annoying >.<

  3. Wow the leaves are so gorgeous!!!
    Everything actually!
    I love how Nature changes ♥