čtvrtek 12. září 2013


Remember the green hand painted tote-bag I made for the first Kaninchenherz giveaway ?
It looked like I wasn´t the only one who liked it, because after the winner was announced I recieved a few question if I´m going to make more of them and start to sell them again -> a few years (two?) ago I was selling decorated tote-bags on my Fler shop, I sold a lot of them and I really enjoyed this work.

This all made me think a lot about starting to do those tote-bags again, this time for RABBIT HEART. It took some time, mainly because my idea was to draw pictures on those bags - and you know, I´m so unsure about my skills all the time >_<

So it was like no...it´s not that good, yes it will be nice, no..., yes...!, no, yes, no, YES I just ordered tote bags so there is no way back !
I also bought some beads and other pretty things while I was in Prague...and in the end I was really looking forward to do this again =)

And here is my very first hand painted tote bag !
I have no idea why, but magenta reminds me of mermaids so I made it all in this ocean-theme. She has earrings made of seashell-shaped beads and there are also plastic pearls to look like bubbles ...

I tried to make my outfit and make-up for a photoshoot a little mermaid-ish as well =)

But the tote bag itself wasn´t the only thing I wanted to show you !
It´s a new picture yay =D
Because I really like this portrait of mermaid and I already had colours in my head while doing a sketch, I had to finished it even after the tote-bag was complete. I made a lineart and coloured it in Photoshop.
It´s super shiny pastel happy, but I like it ♪

And the most important thing in the end !
I made a tumblr blog for my drawings and it´s called "eggplants" in German =D
I had absolutely no idea how to name it, so this is what happened

I made it, because I hope it´s going to motivate me in drawing more...
also I´m going to upload there not only finished pictures, but also my sketches and doodles
I know it´s not very interresting, because my art is nothing special but I just wanted to have it to keep my drawings in order and for me to see the progress o_o
What do you think about it ?

6 komentářů:

  1. Nice totebag :3 I really like your drawings and style. You have a big talent! :3

  2. Ich mag deinen Zeichenstil wirklich sehr. =) Fand den grünen Beutel damals schon so hübsch und auch der obige ist wieder richtig gut gelungen! Tolle Idee mit den Muscheln und Perlen, erweckt das ganze zum Leben. Magente wäre mir fr mich zu grell, aber es passt super zum Outfit. Bin sehr gespannt auf weitere Beutel und Zeichnungen! =)

    Liebe Grüße!

    1. Vielen Dank !
      Es freut mich sehr dass du magst mein Zeichenstil <3 Für mich ist auch magenta zu grell - es war sehr schwierig ein outfit mit diese Farbe zusammenstellen >_<
      (ha ha Entschuldige bitte mein Deutsch =D)

    2. Oh, I'm sorry! There's no problem for me to read and understand English text, but writing is a bit more difficult. :D I saw that you're currently living in Bayern and thought it's fine to comment in German. Lazy me...! Me sorry. :D You're German is really fine by the way. Sure a lot better than my stunted English... >_>

    3. no problem =D I have it same with German, I understand everything you wrote, but writting is still a problem -> but I need to learn, so it´s ok to write comments in German so at least I can practise *_* =)