pondělí 9. září 2013

Sightseeing in Nürnberg

A few weeks ago, just the next weekend after we came back from Paris, we decided to do even more town-sightseeing - but this time much closer.
We went to Nürnberg which is just an hour by a car from our town. We´ve already been there, but only for a while together with my bf´s sister and her boyfriend for an ice-cream near the main train station. But even those few minutes were enough to see how pretty this town is - so we were just waiting for the first possible free Saturday to spend it whole there.
And we weren´t dissapointed - Nürnberg is such a beautiful town *o* so clean, so calm, so pretty ! After the terribly dirty and crowded Paris it felt like heaven =D
As I said before we went there sightseeing, but at first we spent more than hour in a this huuge "geek store" called Ultra Comix =D (it has four floors and some café on the top?...o_o!) I wanted to buy so many things, but I ended up buying nothing...they even had the newest issue of Kera magazine, little Tru:Blood key-chain, a lot of anime OSTs, Game of Thrones merch and Copic markers...and I didn´t buy anything?! I´m getting so old =D

Well after this well-spent hour we finally started enjoying the lovely architecture, delicious lunch in an Italian restaurant and a beautiful castle on the top of the hill. In the evening we went to a cool cocktail-bar "Kontiki" and then did some more walk around. My poor knee was hurting like hell after all of this walking, but I didn´t care - it was such a pretty day !

Now I really can´t wait to visit this town again - this time for some (Christmas) shopping *_*
...and yes, you read that right...we already have a bag full of Christmas gifts and today I just ordered another one - this year we don´t want to buy gifts in crowded shopping centres full of stressed out people and Christmas decorations. More likely we want to see all Christmas markets in nearby towns, because they´re so beautiful here in Germany !

Of course I was wearing lolita on that day - finally after the whole summer !!!
I missed it so much T_T
And because the weather forecast looked like it´s going to be the last summer day I decided to wear something light, with just socks and a straw hat - and I did right - it was hooot D=
I was so happy I didn´t wear tights as I wanted at first !
I wore my new skirt from czech seamstress Reiko (Amber) and a new top which I ordered from SheInside together with the lace dress ♥

This is how the outfit looked like in the morning, before it was too hot for a cardigan ♪

straw hat - C&A
top - SheInside
cardigan - Jennyfer
brooch - DIY
belt - Bershka
skirt - Amber
RHS - Bodyline

And now finally for some photos from that day !

poor big rabbit/hare, tiny little "Feldhase" and me

I have no idea why I´m so serious on this photo =D

There were so many creepy/obscure/beautiful statues or fountains in the town !
For example this one was absolutely amazing *o*
Unfortunatelly I couldn´t find any informations about it around, but my guess is that these are the 7 deadly sins...

there were newlyweds taking photos - cute =3

So...if you´re thinking about visiting this town I highly recommend you to do so ♪
(+ there is a lot of cool alternative shops, so take some more money with you =D)

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  1. V Německu je spousta tak krásných míst, měst a událostí....rozhodně musíme s mužem na spousty z nich dojet. :) Moc ti to slušelo! ♥ A taky se mi hrozně moc líběj ty sochy :D

    1. Můžeme jet do Norimberka na výlet, až budete u nás ! =)
      Moc děkuju ♪

    2. Joo to je super nápad :):)

  2. It's kinda funny to read this entry as someone that has known Nürnberg since I was a child. ^^
    It really makes me proud that you like it so much.

    The fountain you wrote about is called the 'Ehekarusell'. It shows the different stages a marriage goes through.
    You can read about it here if you like: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehekarussell

    1. I completelly understand, I have the same feelings when someone is talking about Prague where I know every corner and street =D
      You´re realy lucky to live in such a beautiful town !

      Thank you so much for the name of the fountain - so my guess with 7 sins was totally wrong =D ha ha

  3. Adorable outfit!!! I really like the skirt in particular. Also all the colors go super well together :)