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Paris (part 1)

I´m back from the biggest adventure of this year, I think - a trip to Paris ♪
I don´t know how we even got the idea to go there this year, but I think it was just some sudden inspiration and then a realization that we both never been there and it´s a must-see place for everyone.

I haven´t got any big expectations...well somewhere inside I really wish that Paris will be a beautiful romantic place, with cute streets and lovely atmosphere...but I knew it isn´t and this all is just an image from movies like Midnight in Paris or Amélie. I was really afraid that it will be as spoiled as Prague is, so I was really annoyed everytime I stumbled upon something which remindes me of my hometown.
We decided to travell there not by a car nor a plane, but by a super-fast ICE train (TGV back). I thought it will be much better than a plane, since I´m really afraid of flying. But in the end the ICE ride was as scary as a plane and three-times longer D= ...maybe next time the plane will be better

We stayed in a very nice hotel just a few steps from a railway station, because we didn´t know anything about Paris, metro and only words we knew was "bonjour" and "merci" =D Throught the week we became much more experienced in all those things and I even added a few new frech words to my vocabulary...but I still can´t pronounce them =D

I was writting a little diary through all five days of our stay, so I didn´t have to keep everything in my mind until I come back home and then (that´s the worst part) spend hours and hours of writting everything down. This simple notes from everyday are much better, short but having the atmosphere and my mood from the exact moment when I wrote it. (You can see how my mood and my opinion on the whole town was changing almost everyday)

At first I wanted to make just one post, but I have too many photos which I want to show you. So I´m going to make two, or three...I don´t know yet =)

So...here are the first two days ♪

- alarm-clock rings at 3:50 >_<
- night ride to a railway station in Ingolstadt, successfull start
- omg that train is super fast,when it goes down-hill it feels like a roller-coaster
-  change of a train in Frankfurt,  with some spare time to look around
- around are only sex-shops, gay bars and Dolly Buster Center =D
-  got on our train to Paris
- it´s super fast – 300km/h + no sleep + anxiety from travelling = I´m feeling quite sick >_< but I managed to survived it somehow
- omg finally a solind and not moving-ground under my feet, that´s so much better T___T
- it´s perfect that our hotel is just a few steps from the railway station so we don´t have to take a metro and get lost (or sick again =D)
- we put our things to a hotel room, it´s a tiny little room with this lovely french balcony (we are the only room in this hotel with a balcony *_*)
- we decided to go to Montmartre and see Sacré Coeur
- bad choice of street – too many strange people, drug dealers, smell of piss, dirt, smog...I´m feeling dissapointed and afraid that Paris really looks like Prague -_-
- found Sacre Coeur, we´re enjoying the view (which still looks a little like Prague) and found the true lovely streets of Monmartre =3 Suddenly I´m in love with this place and I want to buy at least 5 paintings here – so beautiful !
- dinner at lovely restaurant inspired by art-deco, every tourist went there to take at least a photo...we had a dinner here and forgot to take any =D
- journey „home“, I almost bought an uglybeautiful vintage skirt in second-hand store, we visited some other cute shops and we´re getting really tired
- pheeeewww I need to sleep now -_-

in Frankfurt

finally in Paris !

I don´t why, but this lady reminded me of my grandma =D

- no alarm-clock today !
- french breakfast in cute brasserie near our hotel (still cheaper that a breakfast in hotel)
- the first goal of our big tourist day is a steampunk metro station Arts des Métiers, it´s amazing *o* I always wanted to see it !
- next stop La Défense – woow o_o it´s so huge, calm and it reminds me of Mirrors Edge =D my bf is in heaven, since he loves skyscrapers and La Défense was the most important place in Paris for him to see (we took a lot of photos there)
- after this peacefull and modern sight-seeing comes quite an opposite – an Eiffel Tower...tourists, tourists and a lot more tourists everywhere >_<
- a lunch in a nice restaurant almost in the shadow of Eiffel Tower for really high price...but it was delicious and we gained a new strenght to face another army of tourists
- Eiffel Tower is pretty, but we don´t go up because there is too many people and too hot, instead we walk through surrounding streets until we reach a skyscraper/tower Montparnasse which is offering a ride by it´s so called fastest elevator in Europe to the top (220m...I think)
- there is just a few people standing in a line, so we decided to give it a try
- it was a good one – the view is beautiful *____* we stayed there for quite a long time looking around, relaxing and buying some „tourist shit“ =D because I really didn´t want to give money to those shops in the tourist centre and there on the top the souvenirs suddenly looks prettier
- next stop – „that island where Notre Dame is“ not for Notre  Dame, but just to walk by the riverbank and to stop in some nice restaurant for dinner
- river beach is really cute, all people are acting like they´re on a real one and at the end of it is a disco where a lot of young and really old people danced to Gangnam Style just when we walked around it =D
- dinner in a pretty restaurant, suddenly it´s really late and we have to go home without seeing the Notre Dame at night (because we don´t know when the metro is closing in Paris), but we saw at least an Eiffel Tower shining in the distance like a lighthouse
- super-tired back in the hotel x_x

I have to say that I really like this unique architecture in Paris ♥ - this was a view from our hotel balcony

Steampunk !

some skyscaper-porn taken by my bf =D

Honza being a Runner (from The Mirror´s Edge)

some guy with silly backback photobombed my "classical-sightseeing photo" fuuu

Are you tired of of glass skyscrapers? Here, have a few pretty photos of Eiffel Tower... =3

Tour Montparnasse...

...and the view from the top of it

Louvre + Sacré Coeur

Cité metro station

and a loot of the day
good-luck charm from a lovely oriental shop and anise bonbons

postcard with me and Honza on it, mobile-phone pendant and a magnet with Tour Montparnasse

So those were our first two days ♪
I hope you enjoyed photos - next post(s) will be about the shopping day, Louvre, grave of Ocar Wilde and much more of our Parisian adventures !

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  1. Jééé to je super článek! :) Moc hezký fotky! A steampunkový metro se mi taky hrozně líbilo, akorát že já o tom dopředu nevěděla, takže to byl pro mě taky takovej "objev Ameriky" :D:D
    Prosíím prosíím článek o nákupech, brzy! :) :)

    1. Děkuju =) já ho právě už mockrát viděla na steampunkovejch stránkách a takže to bylo takový must-see, až budu jednou v Paříži =D
      jo jo, nákupní den byl hned ten další - takže zítra !

  2. Super fotky a super článek! Vždycky ti pak závidím a chci okamžitě někam taky cestovat.
    Nejvíc se mi líbí fotka ve steampunkovým metru, máš tam správnej výraz, takové trochu euforie "jéééé steampunk metro" :D
    Hohooo, článek o nákupech? Už se těším.
    Mimochodem, moc se mi líbí ten orientální přívěšek, nenafotilas náhodou ten obchůdek? Zajímalo by mě, jak to tam vypadlo *-*

    1. Děkuju =D to jsem ráda, že moje články v lidech probouzí takový cestovatelský choutky !
      hmm a ten obchod jsem nevyfotila, ale den potom jsem vyfotila takovej orientální restaurant, kam jsme už nestihli zajít protože na odpoledne zavírali...ten se ti myslím bude dost líbit =)

  3. Nezapomeňte na vesničku Marie Antoinetty ve Versailles, jestli se tam chystáte. Myslím, že speciálně tobě by se tam líbilo. M. A. si tam chodila hrát na to, že je venkovanka, a vypadá to vůbec strašně idylicky!

    1. Děkuju za tip =) bohužel se tam nedostanu, protože už jsem zpátky...a vlastně do Versailles jsme se vůbec nepodívali - zase někdy,no =) ...určitě bych se do Paříže podívala znova za pár let ♪

  4. Ach tak, já myslela, že jste ještě tam. O důvod do Paříže ještě podruhé a potřetí...! Taky tam musím, minule jsem nestihla hroby prokletců :( Ze všech těch fotek, včetně těch nejnovějších, to vypadá, že jste si to báječně užili. Jsou moc hezký! :)