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Exploring Bavaria

As I wrote before, in the last post - my bf´s sister Eva and her boyfriend Pepa went to visit us here in Bavaria for a few days. We had big plans - three interesting all-day trips/sight-seeings for three days - to see a Neuschwanstein castle, visit Munich and go to Legoland since we had a voucher for 1+1free entry which we collected from a cheese =D

So after we spent the first evening together, chatting, eating and drinking beer in our favourit beer-garden, we started with preparations for the next day - a trip to Neuschwanstein. I´m sure you all know this famous photo from a puzzle/kitch pictures/postcards. I always wanted to go there and I always thought it´s somewhere far away in the mountains. And now it´s just a 2h ride from our house =3 
We were quite confused about what to wear, because it´s in Alps already. So we ended quite overdressed in comparison with tourists in summer dresses and flip-flops <_< But we had bigger plans than only just a visit of the castle - we also wanted to walk around the forest and breath the amazing fresh mountain air. And we did. We choose quite an adventurous forest road - it was closed because of the danger of rock-avalanche...but we were lucky, no avalanche fell on us =D It was beautiful, we were almost climbing on a green mountain side, met a lot cute animals and saw so many pretty flowers and old trees. In the end we finally got to a Marienbrücke which is a bridge built across a mountain valley with a perfect view on the castle.......it´s so high >_< I hate heights so I was feeling really uncomfortable here, but it was worth it - it was beautiful. After we visited the castle (we didn´t went inside, it was too crowded) and had a lunch, we went down the tiny little path to the bottom of the mountain valley to see the Marienbrücke from below. I decided to purify my crystals here, so I climbed the stones in the stream to get in the middle of it. We took a lot of photos and started to climb on the rocks even more...and then...when I had a set of amazing photos.....................................my camera fell of the pocket and vanished in the stream...
...I was so desprate to find it that I jumped into the ice-cold water and was looking for it for an hour, but it was gone, gone, gone...I hated myself so much for that, I thought I was going to cry my eyes out T___T 
Being angry on myself, I just marched fast back to our car. On the last few meters my leg slipped and my knee hurts even now when I walk - that calmed me down a little =D
So...except this stupidity of mine, it was absolutely beautiful day and I really want to go there again (and take all my beautiful photos again)

I had a real luck that Pepa and Eva took a lot of photos as well, so I have something to show you *o* !!!

Schwangau castle - our starting point

beautiful, but too high for me

excited tourists =D

there was so many of these cute things from stones !
we made ours as well ♪

R.I.P. my dear camera - you have a beautiful grave (=D)

my loot of the day - a King-Lundwig-pencil with a crown !
What a practical souvenir, don´t you think ?

On the second day we wanted to go to Legoland, but it was raining so we decided to go to Munich.
I´m not sure if I like this town or not. It´s pretty, there is a lot of good shops but it´s maybe too crowded for my taste. The worst thing is the metro/underground - there is ugly hot air and too many people.
We took some photos in front of the town-hall but than the rain was getting heavier and heavier so we had no other choice than walking from one shop to another...no problem =3
We bought a lot of things there, gifts, food and souvenirs. But after four or five hours of shopping we started to be really hungry and so the great hunt begun...!
We were looking for some typical Bavarian restaurant where they were serving a pork´s knee. Pepa desperately wanted to try it, so we spent hour in the rain walking around the historical city center, looking for hax´n ...which wasn´t easy because we found out there is a football game on that day with Bayern München playing, so all traditional pubs were full of football fans (who are my biggest enemy). In the end we found a really pretty restaurant, ate, had a beer and were happy again =)
(maybe I don´t look like that kind of person, but I really like this pork knee with dumplings and beer nom nom nom)
It was quite a horror on our way back, because we had to use metro to get to our car and it was the same line those football fans had to take to get to a stadium D= I hate those assholes so much ! 
We somehow survived and then got home safe...

found it ! =D

my Munich-loot - new candle-holders, necklace from wooden beads, a ring, tofu, Sea Buckthorn gummi-bears and french sweets from a luxury sweetshop

The Saturday was sunny again. Pefect day for a theme park !
We knew Legoland is for kids, but no one of us was prepared for the army of screaming little brats all around the park D= and because we have never been to any theme park, we didn´t know that a waiting time for roller-coasters is so long D= 45min. ? 60min. ?!! 
But in the end we had fun. We took a lot of photos of the miniature towns made of Lego, bought some Lego key-chains, rode a Fire-dragon roller-coaster (the worst there, I think) - without me, of course because I´m scared of those things, than had a not-very-good lunch, some of us had a crépe which was quite disgusting and then we went to another ride...with me as well this time...it was called jungle expedition and omg D=  !!! fun...but never again >_<
poor Eva then got a little sick because of the combination of wild ride and disgusting crépe before, so we decided to go home and it was the right time, because it started to rain just as we got into a car.
So...yeah, Legoland is for kids, the food here is ugly and we´re probably too old for wild rides on roller-coasters, but it was fun =)

*o* - SW Lego store
(I really wanted to buy Han Solo in carbonite, but it wasn´t available -_-)

Neuschwanstein again, this time made of Lego

our only photo with Neuschanstein, since the ones with the real castle all float away in the mountain stream

Can you see that dark figure on the top of the building?

It´s a BATMAN ! =D

a headless guy in Venice

a fat tourist in Venice

Barack Obama in Berlin =D

OK, miniature towns were pretty, but miniature scenes from Star Wars *o* ?!
the little geek in me was in heaven =D I almost forgot how much I love SW...I need to watch it again as soon as possible *__*

Honza with Tatooine cantina...if you pushed the little button there it started playing ♪ ...so we even danced a little =D

me being a pirate !

the crépe was so bad that it broke my bf´s fork =D

my Legoland-loot - Loki, Gimli and Frankie - they´re so sweet ♥

The last day just walked around Ingolstadt, relaxed and made a BBQ on balcony. Then we took Eva and Pepa to Nürnberg and had a delicious italian ice-cream there. I´ve never been in historical center of Nürnberg before and I was amazed how beautiful it is - I need to go there sight-seeing as soon as we have a free weekend *_*

So I hope you enjoyed my talk about our adventures ♪
It was a great time, Eva and Pepa are such a kind and friendly people - I´m really looking forward to their next visit =)

And now I get back to packing again.
In two days we´re going to Paris for almost a week ♥ ___ ♥

And how about your summer adventures, my dear readers? Where have you been ? Did you ever drowned a camera, or lost it on some interresting place like a mountain stream ? =D

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  1. To je super! Celý článek, fotky, všechno prostě :) Upřímnou soustrast tvému foťáku :( :D Hrozně se mi líbí ten drak lezoucí na rohu toho domu...parádička :) Za chvilku bude článek o Paříži, třeba předám nějaký tipy! ;)

    1. Děkuju =) ! Ten drak je taková myslím, že hodně slavná věc na Mnichově, vždycky se na něj jdu pro štěstí podívat když tam jsem ♪
      yay ! Abych pravdu řekla, tak už od rána po očku sleduju ten "sledovač" nových postů na blogu a taky jsem stalkovala ještě jednou pro jistotu tvůj tumblr, protože se už nemůžu dočkat =D

    2. No, Mnichov vůbec neznám (vlastně žádný město v Německu neznám :D), takže ehm...trochu ztrapnění ale neva :D
      Jooo tumblr mi dělal v Parisu neplechu, protože jsme sice wifi na hotelu měli, ale udělanou na heslo pro můj pc a přes mobil mě to nechtělo pustit... takže jsem udělala fotkovou palbu na tumblru až doma :D

  2. Je mi líto tvého foťáku, muselo to být fakt naprd :/
    Ale ty fotky jsou super, nejvíc se mi líbí ten drak a Batman :D.
    Ty lego přívěšky jsou parádní *-*

    1. Jo no, nejdřív mě bylo líto těch fotek a pak i těch peněz -_-

      Tak jsem ráda, že se líbí aspoň to co jsem posbírala od ostatních a nafotila na můj super old-school foťáček =D