pondělí 1. července 2013

Summer Solstice

Today I want to show you what I wore on a Summer Solstice which was on 21st June - the longest day of the year ♪
Unfortunatelly the whole week was a real serie of unfortunate events for me, so I haven´t done much preparations and also my altar was really simple.

If you´re curious about my misfortune...for example, I managed to lock my keys while running for a package only in my tiny sleepwear and a dressing gown, on the other day I broke my bf´s camera so I couldn´t take any photos for my shop, also I spoiled lunch twice and I even broke a salate bowl -_-

...on Friday, I was just waiting for my altar/hair/our flat to burn down or something similar =D
We decided to make a tiny little barbeque on the balcony and bought this one-use-only grill and...we made a great mistake to buy it in a different store that usual so...yeah, it was quite a disaster, it was just a huge fire, a lot of smoke and then...just a few briquettes were hot <_< so we managed to make just a three steaks and then it was dead with a sausages and a lot of vegetables left undone =/

Thank gods the miserable week ended with this bbq accident and I´m happy and optimistic again ♪

Now for the outfit.
I wore this beautiful blouse and a black velvet skirt which I both bought in autumn in Prague on an event called Ýbr Kýbl, which was something like a flea market with used clothes organized by a group of young people. It was a first time, so not many people were there - which means a lot of good pieces for a good prices =3 (I think I already wrote about it, but I´m just so happy about all those things I found there =D)

Do you remember how I planted my tiny flower garden on Ostara?
This is how it looked like on the Summer Solstice ♪

And a detail of my altar

I had to take photos with my super old compact camera and now that I look at them...it´s a real miracle they all look so good =D

4 komentáře:

  1. Poprvý vidím někoho, komu sluší podobný typ halenek! :) I když ty budeš případ osoby, která na sebe může navléknout opravdu všechno. Jinak moc hezký účes.

    1. Moc děkuju =) !
      A ne, to není pravda je spousta věcí ve kterých vypadám hrůzně, jako každej člověk...jenom těma se nikdy nechlubím =D

  2. Hi hi! ヾ(^∇^)
    I'm a girl from the franconian princesses (lolita fashion) and the other girls told me about you, so I got curious and looked through your blog ^^ You are really pretty and I'm looking forward to metting you anytime soon at another meet-up!

    xoxo, Milky

    1. Hi =)
      I´m looking forward to meet you, too ! What a pitty I can´t go to the July meet-up =/ but I have to go the next one *_*