pátek 5. července 2013

Summer Nights

I´m thinking about what to say about this outfit but I´m out of ideas...
Well, I just wanted to wear this retro jacket ! 
I really like it because it remindes of Grease - which is a big part of my childhood. I saw this movie like 1000 times when I was just a little girl and loved all the clothes and songs here....then I grew up and suddenly realized what is the whole story about =D

These shorts are the one and only blue jeans piece of clothing in my wardrobe !
I really dislike blue jeans and other denim things, but those shorts are an exception. I made them of a really ugly old pair of my mum´s jeans last year and they were too big for me...now they fit perfectly - Bavarian food has a good effect on my weight =3

long time no see ! super weird pose where I look like I´m dying or have some kind of spasm =D ha ha

jacket - New Yorker
necklace - Romwe
t-shirt - Nosferatu
shorts - DIY
tights - Terranova
over-knee socks - Gate
RHS shoes - Bodyline

How about you, my dear readers? Do you have some favourite movie you watched as a kid and when you grew up you found out it´s mostly about sex and problems you didn´t even know they exist =D ? (...and now you love it even more?)

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6 komentářů:

  1. Bavarian food has a good effect on your weight? The fuck do you do that you look so... in shape? :D

    And I love this outfit. And still can't get over the fact how much this haircut suits you;)

    1. Yes =D it´s super tasty and top quality...and very, well how to say it rich...on fat <_< so I finally have some girly curves ! but yeah, I do much more sports than I used to in Prague =)

      Thank you so much !

  2. Vypadáš skvěle, děsně se mi líbí tvoje nové vlasy :))

    A Pomádu jsem taky zbožňovala!

    1. Moc děkuju =) !
      No oni nejsou ani nějak zvlášť nové, tak jako je nechávám růst a vždycky z toho něco vyleze =D