úterý 18. června 2013

You can´t escape design !

...that´s exactly what my super cute button with rabbit from the last DesignBlok says !

As you can see I´m getting more and more obsessed with cuteness and wear less and less dark clothing, goth make-up and I don´t have a short bangs anymore. I fell in love with this hairstyle and this was my very first poor try with hair straightener...
...the day after I got a curler and burn my head while trying to curl my bangs with it =D ha ha
I´m letting my hair, bangs and my eyebrows grow...I don´t know what will be the result of this personal revolution, so let´s wait and see ♪

I´m so happy to finally have a pair of this tights *o* I found them in sales and I love them !
"unfortunatelly" the summer started just when I got them, so we will see each other in Autumn again (I hope)
I think they match perfectly with this shirt-dress which I bought some years ago, inspired by amazing female guitarist from japanese band MONO - she wore something similar on one of their concerts I saw...now that I think of it, I really want to see them again, let the noise run through my head and have whistling ear for a week because the music is always so loud it makes you shiver ♥

I wore this outfit on just an ordinary day - to my morning German class and to buy some groceries

silly photo at the end =D

kanzashi flower : Sorellas
sunglasses : Claire´s
dress : New Yorker
cardigan : Pimkie
tights : Terranova
shoes : H&M

Have a nice summer days everyone, and please don´t die from heat !
(stay strong my goth and darkness-loving readers =D)

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