pátek 21. června 2013

Lolita meet-up in Erlangen

I can´t deny that ever since it was sure that I´m going to move to a different country, one of the things I was looking forward was to meet the local lolita community.
As soon as I had an internet connection I joined Animexx and found Franconinan Princesses here, the list of meet-ups, photos.........but - me writing something on a german forum? Impossible.
So I told myself to wait until spring, maybe then I´ll have more courage.
I didn´t. But I found their tumblr and even FB fan page (I´m tiny little silent stalker, too =D)
I was just about to collect all my courage and write to girls on their FB, when I decided to post some outfits on daily_lolita on LJ.......and guess what - I got comments from two girls from Franconian Princess *o*
They invited me to an upcoming meet-up, I had a time and super-kind Kerstin took me there by her car <3

It was a just a small meet-up in Erlangen, which is little town beside Nürnberg, but I like it. We went to a botanical garden, took a lot of photos and had a snack in cute café, then we walked around the shopping centre and headed back home.
It was an amazing day, girls were soooo kind to me - they were talking in English most of the time so I could follow conversations, revealed a magic of ClosetChild to me and had amazing outifts =)
I can´t wait for the next time I´ll see them and get to know even more of them.
Unfortunatelly I can´t go to the next meet-up, because it´s on the same day as a historical festival and a joust on Kaltenberg (where I always wanted to go and now we finally have tickets *_*).

I wore a summer classic lolita outfit, since the forecast said that it will be sunny and hot.
...it was, but only in Ingolstadt, in Erlangen it was raining =/
Luckily, Caro was so kind and borrowed me one of her lolita umbrellas and I was safe <3
(Thank you, again !)
After the rain, the humid heat came, so my hairstyle was not so cute as it was at home and also I didn´t wear my new cardigan at all =D

So here are some photos of my outfit and my first creation with hair-curler on my head

And some photos Caro took in botanical garden =)

if you´re interrested in some more photos from the meet-up, take a look at Franconian princesses tumblr ♪

straw-hat : C&A
blouse : off-brand
skirt : Bodyline (from CC)
RHS shoes : Bodyline
earrings : handmade by Maxé

And at the end - ATTENTION - big news !
I made a FB for my blog
Not only because of the upcomming death of google friends connect, but mainly to stay in touch with you - my dear readers ♥
I´m very unsocial with my personal FB page, because I don´t want to have more than 100 people in friends list and if it´s possible only those I know in person, or somehow better on the internet - I have there quite a lot of photos and personal informations, so I choose who to add carefully.
But it breaks my heart to see how many friends requests I have from lolitas and other nice people and I have to just ignore them. So I decided to make this Kaninchenherz FB not only as a "new blog post" reminder, but even for some photos, links on things which I find interresting and much more =)
Hope you like it - have a nic day, everyone !

11 komentářů:

  1. glad you like the girls =D
    We didn't have the pleasure yet because I was busy with my bachelor thesis and excursions... but next time ;D

    1. Yeah, girls told me you were busy with school - I hope everything ended up fine ! I can´t wait to meet you =) ! + I was looking at your photos on your FB and you have such an amazing outifits *o*

  2. Vypadáš nádherně, jako porcelánová panenka <3

  3. That site is not working... TT but very nice outfit :)

    1. omg ! Thank you ! I´m so stupid I put there some kind of wrong link >_< now it´s OK ♪

  4. It's so nice to read the way we found our way to each other. xD

    Normally I don't comment that much on daily lolita, but when I had sent my comment (because I really loved you style) I stumbled upon your German blogname. ^^
    It went in my head like "Wait... she's German... why didn't I notice her yet... Hold on... She's from Bavaria?!?"

    It was really a pleasure to have you on our meetup. I'm really looking forward to meet you again. ^^
    ... and don't hesitate to contact us if there are any further questions regarding Clocet Child. ;)

    1. ha ha =D I almost never post anything to daily_lolita, so it was a real serie of fortunate events !

      With the Closet Child - I´m going to write you for an advice about making an account here for sure =D But now I need to save some money so I can buy something *_* (I already saw there a few lovely jsks from Jane Marple and ETC T_T ...I desperately need to find some minijob !)

    2. ETC is always well available as most just go for AP or Moitié. xD

      Maybe we just make an account when you manage to come to another meetup to Erlangen. Normally, Kerstin always comes first to my house to pick me up. ^^

      Oh and in case you see something on CC you are sure you want to buy within one month: Just leave me a message with a link. I can reserve the item for you. That's no problem at all. ^^

    3. Thank you so much =) ! ...that´s pretty dangerous offer for my savings =D

  5. Nikdy bych nevěřila, že můžeš vypadat tak ...klasicky :'D S všema těma tetování a tak, víš..ale je to super ;)