pátek 7. června 2013

Quiet Times

Today I want to show you an older outfit. I´m trying to wear more light colours lately, as you probably noticed...but I´m still learning - for example I´m kind of confused about make-up - suddenly my blackXwhite pallete of eyeshadows doesn´t match at all and what´s worse...my eyebrows are in the way so much! I bought a lot of light clothes for spring/summer and I don´t draw any goth creations on my face anymore, so I´m seriously thinking about growing my natural eyebrows again o___o
What do you think?
I don´t know how will I do it and if I survive having an ugly bush instead of my neatly drawn eyebrows...or if it´s going to grow at all =D
What a life resolutions I have !

Well, back to the outfit.
This sweater is just crazy and I think I´ll take it with me to Prague someday - to hear what "normal" people think about it. I´m sure I´ll collect some new nice words describing how freaky I look.
So I decided to dressed up like that to the place where it´s absolutely
off-topic -  to an outlet shopping centre =D
I hate those places, it´s full of weird, normal families and wanabe rich ladies looking for brand things. We went there with my bf, because we had to - we were looking for some shop with leather jackets for his mum and also wanted to buy gifts in Lindt chocolate store.

Everything was as I expected, normal people, boring shops and the Lindt store was the best - so many yummy chocolates in one place for reasonable prices *o*
Ladies in shops were rolling their eyes like crazy when they saw me, but I felt amazing - they were all so normal and dresed in jeans and white shirts, people like this really can´t hurt my feelings =) 

fake glasses - JapaShop
earrings - Emerald Dream
sweater - from second-hand store
shorts - Bodyline
RHS shoes - Bodyline

Have a nice weekend, everyone ♪

6 komentářů:

  1. No náhodou, mě se to teda líbí - moc! :) Co se týče obočí - nedávno jsem řešila podobný dilema, protože svoje přírodní obočí mám o hodně odstínů světlejší než vlasy (mám štěstí no..) ale když si ho necháš dorůst, dá se přimalovávat a vypadá to taky dobře :) A s tím Lindt obchodem mi to silně připomíná moje šílenství když jsem v Helsinkách objevila monstrózní dům Fazera :D:D:D

    1. Děkuju =)

      jo jo, to plánuju s tím obočím, protože moje normální obočí bez úprav je fakt anarchie =D

  2. yaaay for natural eyebrows!! :) you can always "highlight" them with eyeshadows or pencils so i'm absolutely fot it! :) and the skirt looks lovely on you ^^

    1. Thank you ! I hope it will work, because my natural eyebrows are absolute crazy mess, it´s impossible without highlighting to have them, I think =D

  3. Well normal people are boring... because I find this very adorable! Also, that lipstick is heaven!
    and Lindt chocolate ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you =D !
      I´m in love with this lipstick - I need more LimeCrime *__*