úterý 25. června 2013

Lili on board

New drawing after quite some time !
I had the scanned pencil version in my PC for a few weeks and now I finally coloured it. I took my old tablet with me from the weekend in Prague, so now is the whole process much more comfortable and quicker =)

This started as an absolutely random doodle and ended up as my OC Lili jumping around the boxes on board the steam-ship called Eleanor. It´s quite a long story...she´s part of our old steampunk role-play we did with my friends a looong time ago, but I still like all the characters. (here you can see them all)

And because it was random I didn´t use any reference for the anatomy, so it´s probably wrong. Also my bf can´t get over the fact that it would be impossible for her to jump like that over those boxes...
What´s important is that I at least drew something and practiced =D !

Hope you like it ♪

3 komentáře:

  1. Tak tohle je naprosto úžasný! Prosím prosím víc steam obrázků!! :]

    1. Děkuju =) !
      To nebude asi zas takovej problém, steampunkový obrázky kreslím společně s elfama asi nejvíc =D (a i steampunková Lili má špičatý ouška <_<)