pátek 31. května 2013

Something Different

Me looking casual.
Almost like a normal 24-year-old girl.
Wearing gold leggins.
With high heels.

...is it even possible?

Yes it is ! And it happened twice so far =D At first I wore this outfit for shopping and thought that I´ll maybe for the first time in my life look almost like the other girls and feel beautiful at once. That wasn´t succesful - everyone was starring as much as they stare when I go shopping in lolita =D
The second time I wore this very casual and unusally normal outfit was for the birthday party of my boyfriend´s mum and sister. It was quite fun because we were there by a car, so my bf couldn´t drink alcohol so I drank almost two bottles of wine with his father =3
...and then we arrived at my mum´s place and she had birthday as well and desperatelly wanted to drink two bottles of sparkling wine with us =3  =3  =3
party hard with your parents !

Now back to the outfit.
Since I saw Yolandi and Die Antwoord for the first time I had the feeling I need gold leggins. It´s absolutely not my style at all - but I NEEDED them *_*
I was looking for them everywhere, but I was too scared to buy it from eBay (my last leggins from there never arrived <_< ) and I couldn´t find them at cheap stores with chinese clothing as well.
In the end I bought them in C&A (...as all the other clothes since I moved to Germany - this shop is somehow better here than it was in Prague o_o also it is cheaper)

The top is from New Yorker, I liked it ever since it was new and bought it for a very nice price in sales ♪

And those shoes ♥_♥ They´re so beautiful and they were in ultimate sale - from 60euro to 19euro !
ha ha that´s enough for my super bargain shopping in ordinary cheap shops where everyone can buy it
(the sweater is from sales, too by the way...)

top - New Yorker
sweater/cardigan - Pimkie
leggins - C&A
shoes - Deichmann

5 komentářů:

  1. Wo..great :)
    I would say, that you will never look casual :D
    Even the "normal" clothes look alternative at you :D
    And although im not really into gold and similar, I must admit it looks interesting and well put together :)
    And I love the shoes...19€? omg! :D

    1. ha ha =D Thank you !
      I just wanted to give it a try and make sure that I´ll never be normal even if I try...phew =)

  2. Já si nemůžu pomoct, ale ty ani v těch legínách nevypadáš..normálně :D Ale sluší ti to moc ;)

    1. Moc to nevychází, no =D Ale to je dobře, aspoň nemusím mít strach že někdy budu obyčejná !
      Moc děkuju ♥

  3. Wow, those look amazing on you. I love your style!! and I like lolita tooooo :3