středa 8. května 2013

Hell Party 2013

On 13th April the super-famous czech piercing and tattoo studio Hell organized their super-famous big fetish party called "Hell party". Which (since it wasn´t last year) was something to look forward to and also a perfect oportunity to wear my new DIY harness...and dress up sexy, of course =)

It was in the same club every year, but they closed it, so there was one year gap and this year was Hell party finaly again - in a new club in the centre of Prague - Roxy. I realy like this place, I was there on several concerts and even on anime con. The party itself was always very good, nice costumes, performances with lots of hooks pierced through skin, blood and crazy things. On fetish stage were sometimes performances for which I had no other words than "this is completely sick, that girl is just crazy!" You don´t want to know what and where she put it =D Also there was a lot of people in latex and some kinky clothes. Shops. A competition. Bufet with vegan burgers and so on...

Now it might look like I´m dissaponted by every party I visit in Prague, but.......yeah...I was dissapointed. Maybe I´ve seen it all, but more likely it was just weaker than in other years.
(It´s called "the hardest party in town" ...)

Everything started with absolutely horrible, terrible and THE WORST fashion show I ever saw in my life - not only those clothes were cheap, unoriginal and bad...but those models...and what they were doing on the stage...some "funny" scenes like from a fashion show on primary school....I was just standing there, couldn´t believe my eyes and started to regret the money we paid for tickets. Then there was a performance with quite a boring start, with a pole dancer (which was there the last year, too so I already saw something similar), but with a breath-taking finale - she pierced her own knees with hooks and hanged herself on it O_O then there were some other performances, but I won´t go into details - the one inspired by a horror Hellraiser (with quite cool costumes), one inspired by an Exorcist (hm hmm yeah) and the last one which was  situated like a ritual (I don´t know if it was those three vodka+juice or it was too long and monotone, but I was nearly sleeping, the final result was very good, but I already saw something similar...=/ )
The fetish stage was...I don´t know...the only fetish things there were latex dresses on some girls on stage and a few slaps on butts and too much of bondage, which is something I saw like 1000000 times,, thank you...
Also there was a new thing - a play zone - where you can try some erotic plays with candles and I don´t know with what else......very VERY poor effort of making a copy of a play zone which I saw on Wave Gotik Treffen <_<

Now for something optimistic - the best thing of the whole party was the set of DJ Pixie on afterparty. I never danced on drum´n´base before, but this one was sooo good and sooo loud that I just had to move my body and I have no idea how silly I looked =D But some guy wanted to invite me for a drink, so maybe it wasn´t that bad or he was too drunk...

I hope you´re not bored with my reviews of bad parties I visit - I swear I´ll go to some good ones, too !

And now for photos - I only took photos of my outfit, but you can take look at some from the event here, which our friend Murhaaya took, he also took a really nice photos of me and my bf which you can see at the end of the post ♪

harness, spiked headband : made by me
corset : DraculaClothing
leggins : Black Milk
boots : Bodyline

and two photos from Murhaaya

And how about you =)? Do you have some parties like this in your country/town?
Or have you been on Hell party? Did you like it?
...because maybe I´m just a grumpy cat who don´t know what a good party is =D

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  1. To mě mrzí, že ta párty nebyla dobrá, tak aspoň že ten DJ to zachránil, aspoň trošku.
    Opravdu ti to sluší, jsi snad jediný člověk, kterému sluší legíny jako kalhoty, navíc ty legíny jsou boží!!

    1. Jo, no je to škoda, navíc když ta vstupenka stála tolik peněz =/
      Děkuju ♪

  2. Tvoje reporty jsou super! :] Ale nějak jako představa že bych se ocitla uprostřed Hell party... upřímně já se těch latexových lidí prostě bojím :D Takže asi tak no. Ale ráda si o tom počtu to jo :D A byla jsi na SteamUp?

    1. Děkuju =) To jsem ráda, že to aspoň někoho nenudí =D
      No letos tam právě skoro žádní latexoví lidé nebyli a i kdyby tak ty jsou neškodný, pokud se nechceš dobrovolně zúčastnit nějakých hrátek =D a i tak je to všechno jakoby pod kontrolou

      Na SteamUp jsem nebyla, protože to bylo všechno v jednom měsíci a když jsem se měla rozhodnout, co bude lepší, tak jsem vybrala Hell...a byla to správná volba, podle toho co mi říkala Maxé =/ ze SteamUp šly domů už na půlnoc, což by mě dost naštvalo kdybysme kvůli tomu jeli 4 hodiny do Prahy =D

    2. Ajej... No já se na to těšila asi tak.. třičtvrtě roku. No a nějak týden před akcí jsem začala pochybovat, a den před akcí jsem řekla že nepojedu nikam..ale trochu jsem se bála že kvůli nějaký svojí náladě přijdu o něco extrasuperúžasnýho... tak jsi mě docela uklidnila :D

    3. No já jsem si docela říkala, že doufám, že jste se tam nakonec netáhli protože vím, že jsi o tom to škoda, no =/ ta akce měla velkej potenciál, ale prostě to nějak vůbec nevychází a asi už žádná nebude, protože Lyrel už to dělat nechce =(

  3. There used to be a yearly fetish event here in the island. It was a small gathering of people with live bands, djs, body performers and burlesque dancers. It was great while it lasted. Mostly for the music and the gathering of friends looking at each other's pvc extravagances in a humid tropical place (talk about a sweat fetish? :/).

    However that harness is perfection! And I love this outfit so much!