čtvrtek 11. dubna 2013

Uglybeautiful Sweater

I have a new amazing ugly sweater !
I found it in a second-hand store for like 2euro and everyone was absolutely disgusted by it. 
But I just love it!
I think it´s a perfect solution for cult party kei/other outfits in cold days and it remids me of those weird sweaters which girls in Japanese street snaps are wearing.
For example this one

isn´t it uglybeautiful ?

I had an outfit with it almost instatnly on my mind.
But I have nowhere to wear it =/ I think it would be weird to go just to buy some groceries in cult party kei or walking around the shopping center while looking for new shoes with all the stares and warm sweater doesn´t sound so comfortable, too.
So I just dressed up for no occasion ! yay
(I´m starting to sound like a real social loser)

flower in hair : H&M
sweater : from second-hand store
necklace : made by me
belt : H&M + fake barbe
skirt : made by me (it´s my petticoat)
shoes : Bodyline

11 komentářů:

  1. Taková snová víla! :3
    A jak to říká táta: ten je tak hnusnej, až je hezkej! ^^

    1. Ten svetr, samozřejmě. ^^"

    2. joo =D je tak odpornej, až je úžasnej a originální a je asi sto let starej, zajímalo by mě kdo ho předtím nosil, jestli nějaká stará babička, nebo někomu ležel hrozně dlouho ve skříni a je to fakt vintage kousek a nebo jestli je to jenom hnusnej svetr z obyčejnýho obchodu =D
      Děkuju =)

  2. Ooo náhodou jsi to sladila moc hezky, mě se to líbí ♥

  3. Wonderfull outfit, the sweater looks cool!

  4. it's not ugly at all, it's lovely, especially with what you're wearing it.