pondělí 15. dubna 2013

Carrot Scarf

My very first creation according to Twinkie-chan´s pattern from her book Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies - The Carrot Scarf !

I already made two of them =D The first one was for my friend Tercenya as a Christmas gift and because I bought to much of the yarn, I made one for me as well. It matches perfectly with my pumpkin beanie from Han - yay for vegetable accessories ! Now I desperately need something with eggplant, they´re so cute and tastes so good *o*

Back to carrots - the scarf is amazing, it´s warm but not too much, comfortable and it was super easy to make it. I especially like those leaves, they´re so cute !

And here comes a lot of photos I took with it ♪

And at the end - my friend eating her own scarf =D

What´s your favourite vegetable and do you wish to have any accessory with it?
Have you seen anything with eggplant print somewhere =D ?

Awwww *o*

4 komentáře:

  1. Oh that carrot scarf is genius!
    So very adorable!

    I've always wanted dresses with vegetable prints *_*

    1. Thank you ! =)

      Yes ! Everywhere are apples and bananas, but almost no vegetables =D

  2. To je dokonalý :) vůbec celý outfit se mi moc líbí a šála je bezkonkurenční :) Ha shodou okolností mám teď klubko fialový vlny a plánuju z toho udělat lilkovou čepici :D