úterý 9. dubna 2013

Dragon Sorceress and "a guy with horns"

I have so much to blog about (again)
For example drawing - I finished two new drawing lately ♪

The first one is a dragon sorceress which I drew on A3 paper with simple colour pencils. It was quite big (for me) and it took me several hours to colour it.
The idea is from my dream ha ha =D Lately I dream a lot about strange things, mostly about being in postapocalyptic world, being a wizard or saving some character from Game of Thrones...maybe it´s because I play Fallout, Skyrim and read too much before going to bed...
So one night I had a dream that I looked like this girl and I found it interresting, so I drew her =) I wanted to draw her a dragon tail, too but it didn´t fit with the pose...
Great help for me was amazing Senshi Stock on DeviantArt ♪

And the second thing is super fresh, I finished it a while ago.
Today...after very long time...I finaly...
...drew a boy !!! omg =D
I absolutely forgot how to draw them, so I spent about hour looking at photos of boys on DA (...the most of them were ugly unfortunatelly) and in the end I used Senshi Stock again

long haired with horns and dressed only in skirt - that´s what I call a MAN =D ha ha

Feel free to write me in comments if you see any mistakes in my pictures - there is like 1000 of them, I´m sure of it - but I can´t see it after looking at it  for such a long time. I won´t be agry at all, it´ll help me to improve =)

4 komentáře:

  1. Ohh.. ♥ I love all of your drawings..

  2. Wel: paráda :) Mě se ten muž moooc libí. Muži v dlouhých černých sukních jsou sexy.

    1. jee moc děkuju, Wel =) jo jo, kdyby je tak nosili víc, ale ono se jim do toho vůbec nechce a přitom to vypadá tak pěkně =D !