pondělí 8. dubna 2013

Sewing Machine - February/March

I was quite active, maybe even hyper-active in the last two months with sewing. I was really motivated by all those sold skirts in January, bought lots of new fabrics in Prague and just had to use them all *_*

Let´s start right now, with no more words because there is a lot of photos I want to show you !

Gothic Lolita Music Skirt
I just love this music fabric and I they don´t have it anymore D=
I had enough only for two skirts - one for the shop and one I finished today for my friend Ketmara ♪

Violet Rococo Lolita Skirt
This print is pure love, it even has small crowns in the pattern *o*

Black Rococo Lolita Skirt
I made one in black version, too =)

Seamstress Lolita Skirt
I think you can imagine how much I adore this print ♥
it also has absolutely amazing colour combination

Now for some strawberries !
I couldn´t resist, I just like strawberry prints...
This one is still available in my shop =)

And some more strawberries ! This time in colour combination with light green ♥_♥
This one is also still available ♪

Finally I got to something not so rori - long goth skirt !
I had fun making an outfit with this, after such a long time I dressed up in something so goth and elegant and realize how much I miss it.
Also still available in my shop =)

Dark Green Gothic Lolita Skirt
After so many lolitas asked me if I´m going to restock the Green "Slytherin" Skirt and I had to dissapoint them all, because the fabric is not available anymore...I decided to buy dark green cotton fabric and do something new in this beautiful colour
It was sold in less than a 5 minutes !
I NEED to buy more green fabric when I´m in Prague again...I promise I will =D

That´s all I made for my shop, but it´s not everything I did in those two months.
I also made those two cute skirts for my friend Míša, who bought those fabrics and gave it to me to make skirt from it for her =) she´s a big Ireland fan !

Pheww...I even managed to make a short skirt from fake velvet for me, but I want to make separate post about it =)

In my free time I also made a new drawing, a fetish harness, spiked headband and I´m working on cult party kei crochet cardigan *______________*
so much to do, so little time !!!

7 komentářů:

  1. Jednoducho nádhera...ty, fotky a samozrejme aj tie outfity. Slintám a slintám keď vidím, aká šikovná si. Lolita sa mi páči, hoci to štýlovo nie je práve pre mňa, takže hoci sa mi páči všetko, najviac ma zaujali tie tmavšie výtvory...a tá dlhá sukňa :-O ♥

  2. Teda, to snad není možné,jak to stíháš? :D A máš je nádherné, to tedy ano :3 *____*

    1. ...no taky jsem si včera musela objednat takovej ten obr míč, protože už mě neskutečně bolí záda =D takže sice chrlím jednu sukni za druhou, ale moje záda pláčou >_<

      Moc děkuju ! jsem ráda že se líbí ♪

    2. Jej, tak doufám, že se to zlepší ^^

  3. Ten outfit s dlouhou sukní je naprosto fenomenální *-*
    Vypadáš dokonale a ten tvůj make-up *____*

  4. *_* Dokonalé...totálně nádherné...