středa 13. března 2013


After quite some time I´m here with recipe for something yummy *-*
This time it´s not a cake or something like that, but an alcohol yay !

As I already mentioned I got this amazing book of recipes for witches from my boyfriend for Christmas. One of the first things there is liqueur made of oranges, lots of kandis sugar and vodka. I had to try it, because I love sweet liquers with fruit flavours and I never tried to make alcoholic drink before.

It takes a while until it´s done, but it´s worth of waiting ! It smells so nice and it´s a perfect digestif after rich meals. I don´t know if I´m weird but I just have to eat/drink something super sweet after every lunch, or dinner <_<

Look how I made the bottle look pretty with an orange leaf ! cute ♥
I prepared one big emply wine bottle and ended up with two and half bottles full of liqueur. So have it in mind if you´re going to try this and drink a lot of wine before =D (no problem for me, that´s why we had so many empty bottles)

Now what you´re going to need

2-3 empty wine bottles, clean and dry
750 ml of water
1kg of brown kandis sugar
6 oranges, clean them properly because you´re going to need the peel
500 ml of vodka, some cheaper one is just fine

How to make it

Put water and kandis sugar in larger pot and wait until they start to boil. Stir it from time to time and let it boil for 15 minutes. Meanwhile clean oranges under warm water and dry them. Then grate the peel of them until they´re white. Keep it, don´t throw it away ! You´re going to need it =)
Now squeeze all the juice from oranges (I don´t know how to say it, but you understand me, right?) and  strain it trough a piece of cloth or just ordinary kitchen strainer, right into the boiling mixture of sugar and water. Stir and then turn of the heat. When it´s not boiling add the orange peel and vodka. Leave a few minutes so it´s not super hot and then fill in bottles. Put on the bottle caps and store in dark place for 3 weeks. Then you can strain it again, because there can be too much of the orange peel to make it impossible for drinking.

Abracadabra...after 3 weeks you have a delicious liqueur !

Cheers !

If you have any question or need some translation don´t hesitate and ask ♥

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  1. Looks like true potion. :) And I really like the way you decorated the bottle.
    What's the cookbook for witches called? Sounds damn interesting!
    Btw is it Yggdrasil on your neck? :)

    1. Thank you =) ! It was realy magical, because without planning, it was ready exactly for Imbolc *o*
      The cookbook is this one it works as a kitchen calendar with recipe for everyday, there are sweets, liqueurs and meals prepared from some unusual things like herbs or edible flower - very pretty =) !

      Yes =) It´s my Yggdrasil tree necklace I bought it in one amazing shop on Wave Gothic Treffen from an old viking lady ♥ (don´t know if she was trully viking but she looked exactly like one =D)

    2. Ah, that calendar was bought in Germany. No surprise, I would be really impressed if something of this kind of things was sold in the Czech republic. :D I like it pretty much and I'm SO envious of you because you've been to WGT, have met a Viking lady and now live in Germany. Omg, lucky you! :D

  2. Joj to vypadá náramně! Rozhodně musím zkusit! :)

    1. Je to dost ňamkový, rozhodně to doporučuju zkusit =) ! Chci vyzkoušet v budoucnu ještě nějaký další z tý knihy, ale nejdřív musíme dopít tenhle ...