pondělí 11. března 2013

Brewery Lolita Meet-up

In February I went to lolita meet-up in Czech town Pilsen which is famous because of it´s production of beer. I was there at meet-up several times, but we never visited this almighty famous brewery here ! So when there was a discussion about what to do on that day I was very happy that other lolitas wanted to see this place where the beer is born, too.

It was kind of suicidal event for me...again =D The meet-up started at 10am in the morning, but I had to travel there for almost 3 hours from Germany, so you can imagine how early I had to get up to put my make-up, circle lences and wig on. I was so sleepy in the morning that I put one of my lences inside out, which is perfectly visible on this photo which I took in a car on a way to Pilsen. 

I had to put it in my eye the right way in a car ! D= I was so scared I´m going to drop it and then had to clean it snow or something like that !

I managed to solve this "problem" and attended the meet-up with no faux pas with my eyes =D
The meet-up was nice, there was a lot of lolitas which I don´t know and AGAIN I was too shy to talk to them so I don´t know anyone new...as always.

This is what I wore.
It was really cold and it was snowing, so put together cute outfit was quite a challenge. Oh...I forget to say it was "Classic Lolita Meet-up" ! So I had to make some winter classic lolita outfit, which was hard because I don´t have any classic winter lolita shoes x_x
Whatever, I like this outfit =)

I have to thank Veni´s cousin and Gobloch for taking photos ♥

wig: Lockshop
jsk: handmade by Danielle
necklace: Tally Weijl
shoes: eBay

with Veni who organized the meet-up
...um you can see there how almost every lolita in Czech Republic has this coat from New Yorker

The brewery visit was cool ! I like it a lot, those travelling bottles, gigantic copper things and huge wooden barrels in the maze of cellar where we even could taste the beer.
It was fun with the tasting, we took the larger cups (because yeah beer =D !) and we were finished with it sooner that the other lolitas so we could taste one more which was even better ha ha =D
That nice old man wanted us to stay even longer and drink beer...I wouldn´t mind if the other didn´t want to go out because I don´t know why...that beer was delicious !

yuck ! This looks ugly =D

Cheers !

7 komentářů:

  1. you look so incredibly beautiful with those lenses on! like a dolly. wow! and i was thinking that only really pretty doll-like lolitas are Asians. now i know that i was wrong! :D

  2. Vypadáš dokonale ^^Co k tomu více dodat? :))

  3. Moc ti to sluší, máš moc pěkné šaty :). Sraz vypadá super, a pak že lolitky pijí jenom čajíčky :D. Hrozná pomluva :D.

    1. Moc děkuju =) !
      No na srazech co chodím já se čajíček snad nikdy nepil =D to je tím že se scházím hlavně s Plzní !

  4. omg you look so cute! love that dress <3