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JULY 2018 - outfits post

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As promised here's a monthly bunch of my outfit photos - this time from July !

First one is quite casual outfit for warm summer evening spent in Beergarten with friends ♪ I really like going to Beergarten even though I don't drink beer at all :D I always get a big glass of wine with water and enjoy the delicious (but unhealthy) Bavarian food (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

I bought this skirt in NY at Free People - it's the perfect one for wearing big t-shirts tucked in ! The Florence and The Machine tank top is ancient from Jennyfer and shoes & bag are from C&A - I bought both especially for wedding of Honza's sister to go with my blue/white dress and surprisingly they match with a lot of other stuff I own, so they won't be catching dust until the next wedding :D

Second outfit is a bit of mori-kei flashback ♥
I don't really wear this style anymore, because - bike ...
But on this day I went to pick up my potterhead order from Elbenwald store at PEP shopping centre which is way too far away from our home to get there with bike, so I took advantage of travelling with public transport for once and dressed up a bit again :)

 I made this sweater last year - the pattern is called "Sous Sous" and it's from Norah Gaughan ♪
My earrings and bracelet are DIY and the dress is second-hand.

The third outfit contains the new Silverleaf shawl I was talking about in the last post ♥
July means Tollwood festival and this was what I was wearing for one of the many visits :)

I bought the skirt last year at Tollwood. Shoes are from Samsara and the bag is from C&A. I also discovered the magic of hair chalks :D

And the last one is something special ♥
I found this super-weird ugly denim THING in C&A when I was there with Honza's parents. While Honza's father thought I was joking I fell in love with this thing at the first sight :D And I also had some potterhead plans with it instantly (̶◉͛‿◉̶)

I planned to make it Marauders-themed, but my inner Sirius-fangirl took over and it ended up very Padfoot-y... no problem with that ♪

The amazing Marauders enamel pin is from Muggle Born Sisters

Have a great day, everyone ♥

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  1. I love all of these outfits! It's a shame that Mori isn't more practical, I think you do Mori co-ords very well. And that denim jacket is so cool! <3