neděle 21. ledna 2018

Hirka's Sweater + meeting Siri Pettersen

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Even though I don't have as much time as I want to for reading, I still love books... especially fantasy (but you know that already, right?) and if, by a chance, there happens to be some distinctive knit in fantasy book, I just NEED IT !
This happed with Harry Potter, The night circus (rêveur's shawl is in planning) and also with my new favourite books Raven Rings trilogy from Norwegian author Siri Pettersen - where the main character Hirka is wearing comfy, big, hand-knitted sweater and I wanted to knit it ever since I read it last year :D

I looked through Ravelry patterns, found this beautiful River Braid Sweater from Norwegian (!) designer Katrine Hammer and ordered yarn immediately........ but then (I think) spring came and I didn't get around to knit it... UNTIL - I found out that Siri Pettersen is going to be in Prague, signing books, meeting fans and everything... so I just HAD TO KNIT IT ASAP - which was literally 17 days before the book signing D: But I did it !!! And Siri loved it ♥ ♥ ♥ *fangirl*

I went a  bit over-the-top with photos and what started with "I'll just put on this red wig to look like Hirka" ended up in full closet cosplay :D It was way too many things to wear for the actual book signing, but at least I took a few photos at home ♪

I made the sweater from Drops Air, which is very soft and incredibly light yarn, perfect for chunky knits ♥ (and it's for a really good price)

I also made a few photos at the book signing at Neo Luxor, where I met with Elyonka, Maia and Eris (we all met for the first time IRL) and we talked the whole time while waiting in the line and then overwhelmed Siri with books, fanarts, hugs and questions :D (she liked it a lot btw. ha ha)

What a day ! I usually read books from authors who are either from US or they are already dead, which makes chances of meeting them very low. So this was really great feeling to personally meet author of something I admire and tell her how much I like the books and characters ♥o♥
(maybe I should start reading more new books from European authors...? :D Any recommendations?)

Oh, and here's my gift for Siri - picture of Rime (my crush from Raven Rings books), which I did for this year's Inktober and she liked it on my Instagram ♪

I hope you're all doing fine ♪
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Oh. My gods. That long red wig looks so stunning on you. Like, wow.
    (Your everyday haircut is lovely as well, though, of course! I was just so wowed by the look that I wanted to tell you right away)

    Lots of love,

  2. Check out Cornelia Funke. She's a german author and even illustrator. Mainly for childrens books - so in case your german isn't that good you can check the library for some of those, they're pretty cool for childrens stories - but she wrote both the "Tintenherz" and "Reckless" trilogies for young adults so the language isn't that hard. They're amazing but the "Tintenherz" books are just *lip smack* THE BEST. Like.. so! good!!! Drop what you're doing now (read: reading this comment xD) and hop over to amazon to read the first pages and I swear to God you won't be disapointed but rather hate me for making you read them and not being able to find out how the story goes on, hahaha :D Is this overstated? Probably. Do I f*cking love these books? You betcha!

    1. oh ...ooooh ... !!! That sounds pretty good! I read the first few pages on Amazon and I really want to read more :D And it looks like my level of German *o* Thank you so much !