čtvrtek 7. září 2017


Hi, my dear readers ♥

Do you like dungarees? I do :D I always had ones in my wardrobe when I was a kid and also later as teenager... so I was really happy when they started to appear in shops again last year, but I could never find the perfect shape or material which would not make me look like a child or worse, pregnant. They were mostly too baggy, had way too many fake-denim-holes and scratches or they were too expensive ...

Until one day I discovered these in C&A ! They were afordable, fit perfectly and have a nice colour ♪

They're pretty cool for ridding a bike, because I don't have to watch out for my t-shirt to untuck from pants :D Also my lighting Cyberdog party shoes are great in case you ride home late and your light stops working ! (that's what is happening to me all the time)

 dungarees are also perfect for enamel pins !

I wore this outfit on one nice warm Saturday, when we went on bikes to city center with Honza. He recently bought a new bike and wanted to try the route to his office. When we got there we stopped by for a lunch in very fancy-looking vietnamese restaurant called Chu-Chin and it was delicious ♥ nom nom

I hope you're all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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