pondělí 19. června 2017

Spring ZOO

Hi, my dear readers ♥

One nice sunny May weekend we decided to visit Munich ZOO again after a while. We haven't been there since we got Satan, because I thought dogs are not allowed there, but to my surprise it's fine to take them with you and you don't even need to show certificat of vaccination (like in Prague).

We got annoyed a bit at the beginning because there was an enormous line for the tickets - why open all five ticket-windows when you can open just two and let all these people wait in the sun ?

But as soon as we got inside the crowd spread through the whole ZOO and it wasn't as full of people as we feared it would be.

I really wanted to see the new polar bear baby and (as always) elephants, though the little Ludwig is not so little anymore :D We also watched red pandas and I discovered how cute they are ! (they are in Prague ZOO as well, but they're always hidden so I never really saw them). My favourite part of the day was watching majestic lions feasting on goat leg, while Satan was growling on them from behind the glass :D (from the distance they looked small to him)

I wanted to wear something nice and the weather was just perfect for this dress I bought from Veni. Those who remember her outfit posts know it for sure :) It has a deer print and it matches perfectly with my knitted mint tights - not knitted by myself, but I would love to have the skill !

I'm back from Greece, so get ready for travel-adventure post soon !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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