pondělí 26. června 2017

Murhaaya in Munich

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In May we had one special visit for the whole weekend. Our photographic friend Murhaaya came for the whole weekend, so we can visit some concrete brutalistic architecture, art gallery, take photos and ride skate/long-boards :)

Of course we couldn't miss the opportunity of reunion and had to take some latex photos !

This was a very spontaneous photoshoot, because I had no idea what I'm going to wear until the last minute and also we didn't have any specific location on our minds. But I had a feeling that maybe "our" thrift store would be cool for some shoots. And I was right :)

Lucky for us it was Sunday, so nobody was around to send us away while I was posing in fetish shoes around Christian charity shop :D ha ha 

We took photos on polaroid, analog and digital camera ♪¨
Here's a little selection of my favourites

for more definitelly visit Murhaaya's WEBSITE

this one was taken at underground station Westfriedhof

Appart from taking photos of me, Murhaaya was of course taking photos of (nearly) everything and cought some nice moments of me and Honza on camera - which is quite rare to see, since we always travel in two and have very small amount of photos where we are together :)

this should have been our wedding invitation card

I hope you're all doing fine and surviving the warm weather !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

4 komentáře:

  1. Moc hezké fotky. Mě nejvíce oslovila první s mříží a ta s oranžovými světly v podzemí. :)

  2. I always love seeing the family photos of the three of you ... so cute!

  3. Love you in this outfit-paul

  4. úžasný fotky! *,* jo a taky už ti chci nějakou dobu napsat, že jsem jednu z tvých fotek od Murhaayi viděla promítanou na fetish night minulý rok :)