neděle 4. června 2017

Shawl Shirt and Inglenook Socks

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you two of my latest finished knitting projects ♪
One was a "commission" of sort and the other one for me (as always).
Let's start with the one for me !

This one happened very spontaneously - I was looking through my Instagram feed and sunddenly discovered Susanne Sommer, German knitting designer who I didn't know yet. And I instatnly fell in love with her colourful patterns ♥ Her designs remind me of Stephen West and they are great for my relatively small stash - I have a lot of different yarns, but never enough yardage for a sweater or one-coloured shawl.

My favourite was immedietly the Hoodie Shawl Cardigan but I didn't have some nice matching colours so I decided to leave it for later. Unlike with Shawl Shirt, which was just perfect for combination of the "fairy" handspun and hand-dyed yarn from Han + Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal I bought in London last September + additional Drops Alpaca in natural colour ♥

I started with knitting right away and enjoyed every row. Seriously, this pattern is addictive - just as the description says :D
I was knitting every day, not going back to my other project, until it was finished ... (which was relatively fast for my knitting pace)

We took some photos on dog walk with Satan, but it was quite a challenge - I can pose for some witch-themed, flowy shawl photos, but normal shirt and jeans ? No... I looked like derp on so many photos :D also the sun was really strong and the camera settings were weird and argghhh  ! Sometimes we take photos in ten minutes and I don't know which one to pick, because all of them are great and then there are these days when we spend like an hour trying to find the right spot, light, face expression, we are angry on each other, I'm hugry, it's starting to rain, Satan is misbehaving and 100 other things :D ha ha 

As I said before - this project is fun - the idea of triangle shawl as a base for shirt is great and the yardage of yarn not big. So I would definitely recomend this pattern for itermediate knitters, who already have some experience with triangle-shaped shawl and sweater knitting :)
There is also an unlimited number of colour combinations of stripes and solid body, or you can make it in just two-coloured version, or in just one colour ♥ 

My version ended up a bit more oversized than the original, because the handspun is not exactly fingering weight. But since I like oversized clothes, it's perfect for me like this ♪

I made the size S and didn't make any adjustments (just a few mistakes)

The second project were socks !
But not just a usual pair - a beautiful, chunky, petrol-coloured, cabled socks for my favourite magical perfume maker - Vala's Enchanted Perfumery
She asked me to knit a pair of "house socks" and in exchange I picked one of her amazing perfumes as a gift for my husband's birthday :) great deal !

I must say that this was challenge for me - so many cables, the need of making an exact size and measurements and double-point needles ! I think that I had to start the first sock two or three times until I finally achieved the desired lenght....... and I also fell in love with petrol blue *o* I already have an idea for a sweater from this same yarn with combination of handspun from Han (surprise, I know :D) ♥

The thing I don't like about socks is the same as with sleeves - you have to do two of them. Which sometimes takes a great deal of determination, especially with complicated patterns.

The pattern is called Inglenook on Ravelry and I used Drops Karisma in colour 75 

Yesterday I started something new, because I felt like I need to take a little break from the Sous Sous sweater (yes, I'm still knitting this thing). And even though I had something else planned, I just couldn't resist the new pattern from Joji Locatelli - Linho
Unfortunatelly it got eaten by our Roomba and I had start again, but now I'm back at the same point where I was before the "accident" it's fine :)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Obojí vypadá božsky.^^ A obojí mám samozřejmě na seznamu.^^

    1. Děkuju :) určitě doporučuju ! I když ty ponožky už asi znova plíst nebudu, jsem hrozně líná plíst ty druhý do páru :D (původně jsem si chtěla jedny udělat i pro sebe, no nic :D)

  2. Děláš někdy něco jiného, než že pleteš? :D
    Promiň, to bylo takové poněkud závistivé rýpnutí. Pleteš moc hezky :3

    1. Ačkoliv to tak nevypadá, tak dělám ještě mraky jiných věcí a pletu jenom párkrát do týdne po večerech :) Taky mi to docela dlouho trvá něco vytvořit - ve srovnání se spoustou jiných pletařek se ještě docela loudám :D

  3. Skvělý fotky! A skvělý pletenosti *_* Ten svetr je nejbožejší... asi bych s tím měla něco dělat, vždycky mě tvůj výběr barev a výsledný fotky nutí chtít plíst ten samý pattern, haha :D Vlastně můj letošní výběr svetrů je totožný jako tvůj, eh... teď vypadám jako weirdo :D Breathing space, Nix hoodie, Sous Sous... :D Akorát Hitofude zatím je jiný :D Ale tenhleten šátkoidní svetřík je zase...báječný. :D Přemýšlela jsem, co dělat s klubíčkama, který k sobě celkem ladí, ale nějak se mi z nich nechce dělat další šál... tohle je celkem ideální! :)

    1. Tak aspoň se pustíš do vyzkoušených projektů ! To je dobrý a mě to neva samozřejmě ;) Hitofude si zase upletu já, už tady mám na něj víc než rok (Hufflepuffový) klubíčka !