pátek 19. května 2017

Yarn Adventures: Rauwerk

Hi, my dear readers ♪

Ever since I "infected" Rommily with knitting we meet almost weekly for a knitting chat at café and make trips to local yarn stores :D ho hoo

In April Rommily discovered a new ETHICAL yarn shop in Munich, so we had to go there immediately. The place is called "Rauwerk" and it's a tiny little shop with a super-kind owner who enthusiastically told us about origins of every fibre and where are the sheep from and what dyes were used and what plans she has with the shop for the future (th original Rauwerk yarn from Munich sheep is something I'm incredibly looking forward to ♥).

We were there almost an hour, maybe more ? And I touched all the yarn :D mu ha ha ...and of course I couldn't leave with bare hands ! But it was so hard to choose something, because whaaa ETHICAL-YARN-NATURAL-DYES-ALL-THESE-COLOURS !

In the end I picked four skeins of Semilla Extra Fine from BC GARN in beautiful ash-blue and I plant to knit this Mini Pullover from Teti on Ravelry . Seriously, I can't wait to cast on ...♥

With owner's approval I snapped a few pictures of the shop, so you can have one more reason to visit Munich (¬‿¬)

Of course I had to wear one of my own knits when I knew we're going to yarn store ! It's something like a little ritual of mine :D ha ha
I was super-happy when the Rauwerk owner instatnly recognized what pattern my pullover is ! It's great to meet people who understand you (✿◠‿◠) ♪

badger pins: AnEnglishGarden on Etsy
tote bag: Lush cosmetics
pullover: "Breathing Space" knitted by me
leggins: BlackMilk Clothing
shoes: Vagabond

I hope you're all doing fine ♥
Have a beautiful day, everyone !

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