čtvrtek 4. května 2017

Enchanted Mesa

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As you probably noticed from my current knitting projects, I decided to knit less shawls and more sweaters/pullovers/tops, because... yeah, let's be honest - I have way too many shawls for now ...
(Even though some colours are still missing ! And I will of course continue with my elven knits ♥)

The first sweater is finished and I'm soooo happy about it !
You know that I admire Stephen West a lot - not only because of his designs, but also for his originality and the way he presents himself :) I like crazy colourful (gay) guys ! (✿◠‿◠) 
And this pattern was love at the first sight - so weird, so many possibilities, no strict gauge, opportunity to use leftovers and handspun yarn and loooong slim sleeves ♥

I put this color combo together quite a while ago, ordered more yarn and everything, but it took me some time to actually start working on it. Shame on me ! This is so much fun to knit *o*

I used so many yarns - Drops Alpaca, Drops Flora leftovers from the Westknits KAL, tiny bit of Angora from Rowan (the black part on sleeve) and most importantly a handspun yarn from Han in this beautiful "seashore" colorway ♥ (I'm using way too many hearts today...)

When I was almost at the end of this project, the weather gone wild and it was around 21°C which is absolutely not a sweater weather, so I got sad, because that meant it will have to wait in my wardrobe until autumn......but then the weather gone even wilder and it was 0°C + snow - so I could wear it all week long :D ha ha

We took photos on one super-rainy weekend, when it looked like there wasn't a single moment without rain pouring from the sky. But I really wanted to take these photos, so we took umbrella and went just a few steps from our home to this office house, did a few snaps and went quickly back :)

Surprisingly these photos ended up looking pretty cool and the umbrella is a nice detail ♪

I wouldn't recommend this pattern to beginners, because there are some more complicated things than just knits, purls and k2togethers :) I personally had a real struggle with the very beginning, because this was my first time creating a welt ?!! I googled it for a while ...but in the end whoa ! It's a pretty cool thing !

Also the sweater shape and the way it fits is not for everyone - you need to be at least a bit crazy and like weird, oversized garments with a lot of different colours (= perfect for me)

My knitting projects at the moment are (still) the SousSous pullover and unexpected Shawl Shirt from German designer Susanne Sommer which I recently discovered on instagram and now I need like 80% of her things, because everything is sooo good ! I started the Shawl Shirt right away - I'm using (AGAIN) hanspun from Han and my yarn souvenir from London - Debbie Bliss Donegal ♪ It's almost finished, so you'll hopefully see it soon here, too :)

this is an old photo

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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