čtvrtek 27. dubna 2017

March Mori

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today it's just a quick mori outfit post ♪

On one March Sunday we decided to visit greenhouse of Munich's botanical garden with Rommily, because it was the last day of butterfly "exhibition" - there should be hundreds of exotic butterflies flying around ! 

Unfortunatelly we weren't the only ones going there on the last day and as we arrived at the place there was an enormous line of people waiting to get inside... fuuu ain't nobody got time for that !

So we turned around, took the first tram in city centre and spent the afternoon in Café Mozart with strawberry mojito and talking about lolita fashion&knitting ♪

I planned my outfit for the greenhouse, so I wore my dear sprout beret and second-hand floral dress from Gudrun Sjoden... I looked a bit like a weirdo in the café, but I'm used to it :D

beret - TaoBao
scarf, dress - second-hand
brooch - DIY
cardigan, tights - C&A
shoes - Mustang

I hope you're all doing well ♥
Let's keep fingers crossed that the weather is going to get better soon ... !

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