úterý 8. listopadu 2016


Hi, my dear readers ♥

Since I've been up to so much this year (and I always carry my lomo camera with me), I took quite a lot of photos !

It isn't that long since the last lomo post and here's another !
I'm almost finished with my current film, so there will hopefully be lomo post n.10 soon as well ♪

I remember that I put this film in my camera at lolita meet-up in Rothenburg, where I also took photo of this beautiful, almost perfectly-looking tree ♥

Olympia park in Munich
my first walk around the new neighbourhood
(and also one of the first warm spring days)

Spring in Munich


(mountains AGAIN, I know... but they're so pretty !)

... and something sad at the end

Dachau Memorial
I know I shouldn't take photos there (it wasn't forbidden, I just had a bad feeling about it), but I wanted to remember the atmosphere even thought it was a terrible one.
Seriously, I haven't been to more terrifying place in my life.
I never wanted to visit any holocaust memorial, but our guests wished for it so I went, but I won't ever go there again.
So many bad things happened there and the place is still so incredibly full of it.

I hope you're not bored with my photography attempts ♪
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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