pátek 28. října 2016

August Evening

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Back to outfit posts !
Thanks to my very busy September and broken Photoshop, I'm again super-behing with posts... so here's one from August =D 

We went to try new café with Rommily and chat about knitting and stuff ♪

Even though it was still August, it got a bit colder so I could wear this nice hoodie top again. But most importantly I was wearing my new cute pants which Honza gave me for name day ♥
They're from Moshiki - German fairtrade brand with all kinds of original clothing ♪ I already have one skirt from them and I can't complain about the quality. They had a big store at Tollwood festival in summer and I hope they will be on winter Tollwood as well (but I must NOT buy anymore new clothes >_<).

I really like the design of these pants - they don't have any zipper and these buttons are just  decoration. The waistband is elastic enough to put them on over hips and they still have a nice fit ♪ Also the fabric is really nice and with right combination of accessories they look quite elegant so I can wear them for family dinners or other events like that.

I was wearing super-cool Hogwarts Knitting Club bag from my RedBubble shop
Unfortunatelly this print was put down by RB because of WB rights fuuu ...but I understand, so I want to thank everyone who purchased something with this design, because it was quite a lot of people and that's amazing ♥

It's me and Han on bag, how cool is that ?
We're the best knitting team !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Jsme nejlepšíííí! :D
    Díky bohu, že jsem si to stihla nakoupit, to by bylo jinak "shame! shame! shame!" xD nemůžu se dočkat až si tašku někam vezmu - a až si jí budu brát na pletací festivaly *o*