středa 17. srpna 2016

Tollwood 2016

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Since we live in Munich I finally managed to visit the summer Tollwood festival !
I heard about it many times while living in Ingolstadt, but from what others were saying I always thought it's just a three weeks long serie of shows and concerts of all kinds of bands and performers.
We were thinking about going last year, when there was Morcheeba, but then just... got lazy and didn't...
And it was a huge mistake !!!

Because this year I found out that the festival is happening just a few minutes with bike from our new home and what's more - my friends from Munich told me that it's not only about music, but there is also a HUGE market with all kinds of fair trade, bio and handmade stuff *o*
Clothing, accessories, food from all parts of world !
How could've we missed something so amazing ??!

We went there about four or five times ? Almost every Friday and sometimes even in working days =D Because whaaa so much to do, so much to see, so much to eat !

My favourite part was an Indian tent, where you could buy a lot of cute stuff from India, taste some delicious food and even watch traditional dance performances which always ended up in little Indian-disco - the performers played some pop music and invited people to dance with them and it was a lot of fun =D

I tried to take some photos every time I was there, but I always had only phone or my old camera with me, so they're not top quality... but hopefully you can see the atmosphere at least a bit ♥

Of course I had to dress up for the occassion !
I wore my new YELLOW dress from SanuBabu which I bought in Prague at the beginning of spring ♥
My mum couldn't believe her eyes when I told her that I'm buying something yellow =D 
Yeah, times are changing... sometimes I'm still evil goth, but I also don't mind looking like a sunshine ♪

Also it was really cute how people wore the most hippie stuff they found in their wardrobe for the Tollwood festival ! It's something you don't see quite often here in Munich, because people are mostly into denim, grey and sport clothing =D It was nice to fit in after a while ♪

 We're fierce !

 This backpack is one of the many cute things I bought at Tollwood ♥
I was looking for a nice, good quality, ethically-made backpack for quite a while which was kind of impossible task, BUT then I discovered Folk Design at the festival and they had SO MANY of them *o* I coudn't chose which pattern I liked the most, so in the end Honza picked this one for me =D I love it ! It's perfect for travelling, light, waterproof and looks pretty with everything ♥

Here have one family photo at the end =D

I hope you're all having amazing summer ♥

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